Captain Marvel Has Topped The Fandango Pre-Sales Tickets Since ‘Avengers: Infinity War’

Captain Marvel just had its world premiere and things are looking pretty good for the film since the review Embargo of the movie has also lifted. With that we have the consensus of the critics enrolled in the Rotten Tomatoes Score which currently stands at 83%.

Captain Marvel Presales Avengers: Infinity War

The movie did face a bit of backlash from the fans who weren’t happy with certain comments that Brie Larson made, but it is good to see that all that didn’t wager into these reviews. The critical consensus of the film will surely help with the Box Office numbers, not that it really needed a lot of help in the first place.

Captain Marvel Presales Avengers: Infinity War

Sometimes these reviews just don’t matter to the audience, and sometimes they are the ones that make or break a film. Venom and Aquaman are the biggest examples of when the critical reviews didn’t matter as both of them grossed $855 Million and $1.141 Billion respectively, despite their negative/mediocre critical reviews. Movies like Batman V Superman on the other hand really suffered due to the bad reviews as that pitched into the Box Office earnings of the film, and steep drops were seen in its earnings moving from one week to the next.

Captain Marvel Presales Avengers: Infinity War

Marvel movies usually earn big as their great brand image allows their films to soar well at the Box Office. Even their happy going fun movies are very profitable as people want to see everything that Marvel sells. And now, Captain Marvel is coming out and it is looking at a barrel full of money because the opening weekend projections of the movie are insanely huge.

Captain Marvel Presales Avengers: Infinity War

Captain Marvel is estimated to bring in $150 Million at the domestic Box Office and $200 Million worldwide. That brings it to an aggregate of $350 Million worldwide, and the film is only shy of Black Panther by a few $Million. Black Panther made $371 Million worldwide, so if Captain Marvel continues this amazing run, then it may just end up earning more than $1 Billion when its Box Office run comes to an end.

Captain Marvel Presales Avengers: Infinity War

These are just estimates, although they will surely turn into reality since the reports of the analysts are proof of that. As you can see in the aforementioned tweet, Fandango has revealed that Captain Marvel has the highest number of Advanced Ticket Sales since Avengers: Infinity War came out last year. So, the big number of $150 Million is totally achievable, and Captain Marvel might just make more than that.

So, Captain Marvel will do pretty well, and the recent lift of the review Embargo will certainly help the movie. Here, are a few reviews of certain websites. Read and see what people think of the movie: – Brandon Davis

Captain Marvel Presales Avengers: Infinity War

“In welcoming a female hero to the big screen as the centerpiece of her own film, Marvel Studios has an expansive and fun hit on its hands. Captain Marvel offers up a complex, heartfelt tale which will leave audiences (especially the young girls watching) feeling inspired and satisfied. This is a brand new type of hero for the Marvel Cinematic Universe and, while it doesn’t reinvent Marvel’s ever-successful formula, Captain Marvel is a brand new, exciting, and fresh adventure.”

Read the full review here.

Polygon – Susana Polo

Captain Marvel Presales Avengers: Infinity War

“In Captain Marvel, Marvel Studios brings to bear the familiar formula of its best origin story movies: character development, good casting, quips, decent-but-rarely-groundbreaking special effects, and a soupçon of political allegory and science-fiction invention. This sounds like a criticism, but I mean it with sincerity: Marvel Studios rarely makes a truly bad movie, or even a mediocre one. The studio has mastered the building blocks of heroic narratives, and it’s no surprise that Kevin Feige, with directors Anna Boden and Ryan Fleck (Half Nelson) stuck to the blueprints while constructing its first heroic narrative about a woman (a prospect so daunting it apparently took over 10 years for the studio to work up the courage).”

You can read Polygon’s full review here.

Indiewire – David Ehrlich

Captain Marvel Presales Avengers: Infinity War

“But Captain Marvel, despite expectations and appearances, is not a groundbreaking science-fiction saga from the 1990s. On the contrary, it’s the 21st installment of the 21st century’s most popular mega-franchise, and somehow the first to center on a heroine (a fact that makes the film’s arrival a sadly overdue cause for celebration, like a kid blowing out their birthday candles on the 21st try). The context behind Yon-Rogg’s axioms couldn’t be clearer, nor the message more pointed: Women are always being told that they’re too ’emotional’ to lead, but Vers’ convoluted journey will lead her to see that emotions can be a superpower unto themselves, and that her vulnerability is also her greatest strength. If only Vers’ movie didn’t treat that sentiment like a self-fulfilling prophecy; if only it earned the beautiful idea that it lays out at the start.”

Here’s the full review.

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