The Flashpoint Movie Will Shock Batman Fans More Than Flash Fans

Recently, Karen Gillan appeared at Florida Super Con and she was asked about her role Nebula in Guardians of the Galaxy, she revealed some of the information pertaining to her darker backstory and how she will confront her adopted father Thanos in an “emotional explosion”.

During a Q&A session, she was asked if she is looking at any roles outside the MCU and she stunned the audience. She said: “Oh, can I say something DC? OK, I’m going to say something DC, and I’m going to play the Joker. Maybe a female Joker.”

It is impossible as DC already has a Joker played by Jared Leto but if he were to opt out, she can definitely fill the Vaccum. She was told of the new movie Flashpoint storyline which got her excited. She said:

“This is my calling! Somebody make a call for me and tell them that I’m available.”


DC Entertainment announced the Justice League movie months back which will assemble the greatest DC superheroes under one roof against the larger threat (Dark Seid). But along with an ensemble movie, it also announced solo movies for Aquaman, Flash and Wonder Woman.

In the upcoming Flash movie as part of the DCEU, there will be new versions of many popular comic-book characters including Iris West (played by Candice Patton on the CW’s The Flash).

In the movie version, the famous actress Kiersey Clemons is playing her while Ezra Miller is the Flash.

Moreover, the Reverse Flash/ Eobard Thawne has made the cut, according to credible sources, a different version of Thawne will be introduced in the movie who is somewhat like a billionaire suffering from an advanced degenerative disease.

He will turn into Reverse Flash during his search for a cure to his condition, he will evolve from a morally compromised individual to a deadly supervillain who has sinister ends to accomplish.

But this is not all as the Flash movie will feature the greatest comic-book event in the history of Flash comics – Flashpoint. The movie is titled Flashpoint scheduled to release in 2020. It will adapt DC comic story arc written by Geoff Johns.

When Barry Allen runs back in time and saves his mother, he creates an alternate timeline where he never becomes Scarlett speedster and DC universe is altered forever.

In addition to Flashpoint being the main story for the Flash, it is also used to change the comic-book universe of other DC characters as well including Batman and Joker. When Flash travels back in time to save his mother, he completely alters the backstory of the Wayne family.

Bruce Wayne ends up getting killed and his father Thomas Wayne becomes the Dark Knight while Martha Wayne goes insane and turns into female Joker.

Well, Karen Gillan could play a version of Joker if studio chose to go this route. We already know that Walking Dead’s Neagan aka Jefferey Dean Morgan is inching closer to playing Caped crusader as he also portrayed Thomas Wayne in Batman v Superman.

The movie is still without a stable director. Since the announcement, many directors have left the project citing creative issues and lack of faith in the team. It’s important that a serious director gets formally attached to the project as soon as possible. Although, there is some good news on the scripting front. According to a reliable Reddit sub-community, a user claimed that the script basically revolves around Barry Allen struggle to come to terms with being a speedster at such a young age. He said:

“The script has been completed and approved after MANY drafts and rewrites. The studio has finally approved a very good script, with some calling it ‘a perfect coming of age story regarding a young man trying to control his power’. There have not been that much more conversation regarding this film, although they have been very excited.”


Gal Gadot may be returning as the Amazonian Princess/Wonder Woman. She will return to reprise her role after Wonder Woman sequel in 2019. It’s not clear yet whether it’s a guest appearance or a small but meaty role. It would be big for the Flash movie as Gal Gadot is a big star in the DCEU.

At the worldwide box-office, Wonder Woman is poised to hit the Billion dollar mark as it has already crossed $700 million while playing in just 40 countries in 9 week time. It’s been just seven weeks of release for the film and it has already crossed Man of Steel, Suicide Squad, and Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. This means that when all is said and done, Wonder Woman will be the highest grossing DCEU movie. In fact, the biggest Marvel stars are gushing all over, showering praise on the movie left and right.

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