Captain Marvel Post Credits Scenes Explained

Captain Marvel Post Credits Scenes: 

Marvel’s latest entry of 2019 is awesome in every way. The only thing fans would be asking for as of now is a bit more of Captain Marvel. The story was pretty convincing and it did tie up the loose ends very well. Why we haven’t heard of Captain Marvel has been explained quite well, as all of the big fights in the film do not involve a lot of civilians or even the Agents of SHIELD for that matter. To know all about that in detail, check out the article where we dive into the ending of the movie.

Captain Marvel Post Credits Scenes

It goes without saying that Spoilers follow. Move on at your own risk.

So we have discussed the ending, but we have not talked about the infamous post-credits sequences that connect Captain Marvel to Avengers: Endgame. Moving on to it, the first scene is actually a sequence from Avengers: Endgame itself, and it is highly likely that it will be played exactly in the same way, just maybe from a different angle in the next movie, similar to how Ant-Man and Civil War were connected.

Captain Marvel Post Credits Scenes

The scene starts in the Avengers compound and Steve and Natasha are seen looking at Nick Fury’s pager. Now we know that Carol takes Fury’s ordinary pager in the middle of the film and return an upgraded version of it to him at the very end. Fury could now send a signal to her in an emergency across the galaxy. As we saw in Infinity War that he finally came to a conclusion that his team couldn’t hold the line against Thanos, and with the Disintegration going on right in front of his eyes, he sent Captain Marvel the May Day Call.

Captain Marvel Post Credits Scenes

With Fury gone, Steve and Natasha don’t know what the pager is, and what has it been doing. They probably got their hands upon it through Agent Klein who is another fellow Agent of SHIELD that worked close to Fury. In this sequence, we also find Cap looking at a screen that is showing the loss of life all across the world. In the meanwhile, Rhodey shows up and tells Cap that the pager has stopped blinking. Bruce Banner confirms that the pager/device was actually sending a signal.

Captain Marvel Post Credits Scenes

Cap asks to reboot it and see if starts to send the signal, and Rhodey says that “we don’t even know what it is.” To this, Natasha replies that Fury did, and if he sent the signal to someone then they need to know who is on the other side. As she turns in order to leave the room, we see Captain Marvel show up and ask, “Where’s Fury?” Then we have the big message – “Captain Marvel will return in Avengers: Endgame.”

Captain Marvel Post Credits Scenes

So, there you have it. Captain Marvel’s big link to Avengers: Endgame. An interesting detail of this scene is that Cap still has his glorious beard. So this scene actually takes place right in the start of Avengers: Endgame because we have seen in the trailers that he isn’t sporting the beard anymore. When the pager stopped blinking, it meant that Carol had arrived in the Avengers facility. With this arrival, we know that she is going to be in the film right from the start and not show up in the middle or towards the climax.

Captain Marvel Post Credits Scenes

This means that she was clearly hashed out from the first trailer and the TV Spot. But moving on to the next scene which is a funny one that ties another loose end. In the final act of the movie, we see Goose the Flerken cat swallow the Tesseract to keep it safe. In the post credits, it just throws up the Tesseract on Fury’s desk not being able to contain it anymore. This is how the Tesseract lands back into the hands of SHIELD.

Captain Marvel was an awesome entry into the massive Marvel Cinematic Universe, and we’d love to see more from this character.

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