27 Fantastic Superman Fan-Casting Better Than The Existing Ones

Superman is a son of Krypton. He is the strongest and most powerful superhero in the DC comics. He is the most iconic character. As we know that currently, actor Henry Cavill is playing the Superman character but fans have some other plans. Check out these amazing Superman fan-casting which we got better than the existing ones:

Zachary Levi

Will Smith

Vin Diesel

Dwayne ”The Rock” Johnson

Taron Egerton

Ryan Reynolds

Roman Reigns

Robert Downey Jr.

Paul Walker

Patrick Wilson

Oscar Isaac

Nicolas Cage


Michael B. Jordan

Matt Bomer

Ken Jeong

Jon Hamm

John Cena

Joe Manganiello

Jared Padalecki

Jake Gyllenhaal

Idris Elba

Sylvester Stallone

Donald Glover

Colin O’ Donoghue

Chris Pratt

Brendan Fraser

Ben Affleck

Pooja Singh

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