• CelebritySuperman Fan-Casting

    27 Fantastic Superman Fan-Casting Better Than The Existing Ones

    Superman is a son of Krypton. He is the strongest and most powerful superhero in the DC comics. He is the most iconic character. As we know that currently, actor Henry Cavill is playing the Superman character but fans have some other plans. Check out these amazing Superman fan-casting which we got better than the existing ones: Zachary Levi Will…

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  • Superheroes

    30 Avengers Fan-Casting Images Which Are Better Than The Existing Ones

    Everybody wanted to be a superhero and when it comes to celebrities they just never fail to blow us away with their fantastic looks and makeover. Fans have made this entirely amazing by turning out these celebrities into something we never thought can be possible. Check out the list of Avengers Fan-Casting images which we got better than the existing…

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  • NewsTwilight Fan-Casting

    25 Fantastic Twilight Fan-Casting Better Than The Existing Ones

    Twilight movies are based on best-selling YA novels by the same title written by best-selling author Stephenie Meyer. The movies were more corny and outlandish while books were more balanced. But fans always thought things straight out from everything. Here we bring you the awesome Twilight fan-casting better than what we got in the movies: Hugo Weaving as Aro Emily Browning…

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