Avengers: Infinity War Theory Suggests Key to Beat Thanos Was in Opening Line

Avengers: Infinity War gave us the most thrilling end that a superhero movie could ever accomplish. We are so used to seeing the heroes win against all odds that seeing the villain winning and accomplishing his goal for once just changed everything for us. None of us really expected Thanos to actually pull off what he said he will. The big decimation event killed off half the population of the entire Universe and along with them went down many of our favorite heroes.

Avengers: Infinity War Theory Thanos

When asked from the Russos that how did they choose who was to live and who was to die, they explained that this choice was made to inflict the maximum impact of loss on the ones that survived. It wasn’t just a decision made to keep the original Avengers alive and kill off the new heroes, but there’s logical reasoning behind every death. For instance, Bucky getting dusted affects Steve, Peter Parker going out in Tony’s arms would have a big impact upon him and so on.

Avengers: Infinity War Theory Thanos

But according to a theory by Reddit user chihdo, this decision was actually made according to the opening line of the film. This line hid the key to getting defeating from and beating Thanos. The Opening Line from Thanos:

“I know what it’s like to lose. To feel so desperately that you’re right, yet to fail nonetheless. As lightning turns the legs to jelly. I ask you to what end? Dread it, run from it, destiny arrives all the same. And now, it’s here. Or should I say, I am.”

Avengers: Infinity War Theory Thanos

The Redditor suggests that DESTINY here is very important. Those who feared it and ran from it, died and disappeared, while those who accepted it standing tall ended up surviving the snap. Here’s the explanation for every character’s death and survival that the Reddit user gives in his theory:

Avengers: Infinity War Theory Thanos

“Characters who disappeared:

Black Panther opened Wakanda to the world and Said to his father (in the dream) that previous black panthers were wrong. He ran from his destiny, that is distanced himself from his destiny.

Spider Man was acknowledged by Tony as an Avenger, as one of the team, instead of the little new kid. He dreaded being a kid in front of every other Avenger. That’s what drove him to change his destiny.

Doctor Strange His destiny (repetition) is to always be in control of the situation and he ran from it by setting the stage for Tony to live.

Avengers: Infinity War Theory Thanos

Winter Soldier changed his destiny of being the bad guy controlled by Hydra, by running first on his own and then staying in Wakanda distanced (run) from the rest of the world.

Scarlet Witch changed her destiny by deciding to make a new life with Vision, dreading that something bad could happen to them after Civil War.

Star Lord changed his destiny when he beat EGO and distanced himself from any relation to a celestial.

Avengers: Infinity War Theory Thanos

Groot changed his teenager destiny when he helped with Thor’s storm breaker handle, because he feared about someone else’s problem.

Nick Fury ran away from the SHIELD and the spotlight to fight undercover.

All these apply to – “if you run or dread your destiny THANOS’s Snap will make you disappear.”

Avengers: Infinity War Theory Thanos

Well, all this does make sense, but there could be valid arguments of why these characters didn’t actually run from their destiny. Nevertheless, let’s continue:

“Characters who died:

Loki Tried to cheat and outsmart, which is lying to himself about who he is.

Heimdall I don’t know all the character stories, but it sounds strange that Heimdall summons black energy. That’s kind of cheating to escape from the fight.

Avengers: Infinity War Theory Thanos

Gamora Tried to outsmart (cheat) Thanos two times: in the collectors scene and when Thanos asked her about the location of the soul stone.

Vision Tries to cheat his destiny by deleting himself from the picture.

All apply: if in facing your destiny you cheat, you leave yourself unprotected because deep down inside you know you lied and therefore you are operating with divided forces within you.”

Avengers: Infinity War Theory Thanos

The Reddit user does put out some valid points here, but an in-depth explanation with regards to the opening line isn’t really required. Still, let’s see the explanation for the ones that survived:

“Characters who Lived:

Iron Man did not change his destiny of solving problems through technology. Every time better, bigger technology.

Thor did not change his destiny of solving problems with a bigger weapon…

Black Widow didn’t change her destiny of acting undercover, stealth. She almost did change it with Bruce Banner but backed up when he was not into a relationship.

Avengers: Infinity War Theory Thanos

Hulk did not change his destiny of keeping separated Bruce from the Hulk. This even get’s more serious when the Hulk doesn’t want to come out.

Rocket definitely did not change his destiny of avoiding the impossible fights.

Ant-Man Hasn’t changed his destiny of being ingenuous and naive in every situation.

Avengers: Infinity War Theory Thanos

Captain America This one is very Very VERY interesting because: – He did change his destiny BUT didn’d disappear. This can only be because his did not RUN or DREAD his destiny.- And yes! In Winter Soldier he: stops taking orders from SHIELD and starts making his own decisions, and to symbolize this he picks up the uniform from the Museum.- This is the reason why Thanos struggles for a second when pushing his left hand down on Cap. Because death (Thanos) struggles with someone who was reinvented himself, reborn himself, and that’s what Cap did.”

Avengers: Infinity War Theory Thanos

The Destiny line would not have had a deeper meaning that the Reddit user has deciphered here. It is good to believe this theory as it does back things really well, explaining who lived and who didn’t in a better way. But all this seems a little unnecessary. Still, it is a good effort so Kudos to chihdo’s theory.

Avengers Endgame hits the theatres on April 26.

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