10 Most Powerful Beings of The Star Wars Universe – Ranked

The Galaxy far, far away is richly filled with odd characters and strange entities. Aliens and the Force are not the only two things noticeable about Star Wars. Several powerful beings of the Force – both Light and Dark, co-exist in an uneasy balance within the Galaxy. While most stay under the shadows, they do come out eventually to show the might of their power. Presenting the 10 most powerful beings of the Star Wars Universe – Ranked….

10. Darth Plagueis

If you are fed up of all the bloodshed and the killings in the Galaxy, blame this guy. Darth Plagueis could be called the Father of the Sith Order. After the Jedi almost wiped them out, it was him who rebuilt the Sith Order from scratch, unlocking many Dark Side Force powers in the process like healing the sick and creating Life from the Force. But before he could uncover the secret to Force derived Immortality, he was assassinated by his own apprentice.

9. Galen Marek

If a guy is called the ‘Starkiller’, you better watch out. Galen Marek is Darth Vader’s secret apprentice. His parents were murdered by Vader himself. Marek, who was still a boy then, knocked the Lightsaber out of Vader’s hand using the Force. But Marek’s true ability was shown when he used the Force to help land a free-falling Imperial Star Destroyer safely.

8. Revan

Revan was called Revan the Butcher during his time. And rightfully so! Known for his charming personality and equally brutal approach to battle, Revan is the only being in the Galaxy to wield both Light and Dark side of the Force, using both sides’ powers at a Godlike level. He started the ‘Revanchists’ movement to put an end to the Mandalorian Invasion. He almost wiped out the enemy species in the process.

7. Darth Vader

Darth Vader is the Chosen One. He was born of the Force. His mastery of the Midichlorians is unmatched and second to none (well… except a few). Vader one used the Force to pull the grenade pins of 500 enemy soldiers, killing them instantly. When Sidious and Vader were stranded on a world that was hell-bent on destroying them both, Vader became so angry that he used the Force to wipe out the entire enemy civilization in an instant.

6. Yoda

Really strong, he is. Truly ridiculous, he sounds. Talking like this, why I am?!?!? Yoda is one of the greatest warriors of the Light Side of the Force. During his prime, he could use the Force to create avalanches, sense the thoughts of droids, and control an entire army with the Force. When he was old and not so one with the Force, he still managed to hold his own against both Darth Sidious and Count Dooku.

5. Abeloth

Abeloth is neither a Jedi nor a Sith. But she is one of the most powerful beings in the Galaxy. Abeloth once skinny dipped in the pool of knowledge and in the Font of Power. While many seasoned Force users used their power to extend their life over a millennium, Abeloth lived off for hundreds of thousands of years. She was now a pure Force entity that could take the form of anyone she has absorbed or killed. Only the Dagger of Mortis can kill Abeloth.

4. Luke Skywalker

When you bring down the Galaxy’s greatest army with barely any formal training, you gotta have some credit. Luke Skywalker brought down the Death Star and killed both Darth Vader and Palpatine, the Galaxy’s greatest Force users of their time. In the Expanded universe, Luke Skywalker could even produce Force Lightning. His greatest feat though is using the Force to make an entire Black Hole collapse in on itself. The guy’s got some huge balls.

3. The Force Priestesses

The Force Priestesses exist between life (the Living Force) and death (the Cosmic Force). The Five Force priestesses take the form of human emotions – Sadness, Joy, Anger, Confusion, and Serenity. Their job is to teach a Force User how to become a Force Ghost. By that extension, they are the living embodiments of the Force itself. They are primordial and elemental and can cause great havoc if made angry.

2. The Bedlam Spirits

The Bedlam Spirits are pure entities of the Force. No one knew how they came into existence or where they come from. They are omniscient, omnipresent, and invincible. They can create life out of nothing and drain the same from a living being that ticked the wrong vein. Though they may look like idiots on a stroll, they are anything but.

 1. Father

10 Most Powerful Beings of The Star Wars Universe – Ranked

You remember Abeloth right? She is also called the Mother. Abeloth is a member of The Ones – a race of unimaginably powerful amorphous entities that have absolute control over the force. Chief amongst them is the one called the Father. Father can shapeshift, hold Lightsabers by their laser blade and teleport across vast distances in mere seconds using nothing but the Force. Father is thought to be a descendant of the Celestials, an ancient civilization that either created or became one with the Force. The Celestials are the guys that guide the Force and help decide how to maintain balance between the Light and the Dark. Since Father is the only Celestial we know of, he is gotta be powerful.

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