Avengers 4 Theory: The Beginning of Infinity War is Avengers 4’s Ending…

We don’t really know a lot about Avengers 4 currently and all we have for the film are just theories. Well, don’t blame us for this! The entire blame for this goes to Marvel as they are not releasing anything regarding Avengers 4 and they have given us 14 Million+ possible alternate future timelines so we keep trying to predict all of those. Now a new Avengers 4 theory related to Infinity War has come into the light and it will literally blow your mind because it’s awesome.

Beginning of Infinity War is Avengers 4’s Ending

Right in the beginning of Infinity War after the whole battle between team Thor and team Thanos, we are taken straight to Earth and we see Tony and Pepper out on a jog where Tony tries to tell Pepper that he actually had a dream where Pepper was pregnant, and from there on they get interrupted by Doctor Strange.

Beginning of Infinity War is Avengers 4’s Ending

So what if the ending of Avengers 4 is right at the moment before Doctor Strange interrupts? What if Pepper’s reply this time is yes, and the two live happily ever after having a newborn child in the future?

Avengers 4 Theory Tony Stark

It does seem pretty intriguing! Avengers 4 is supposed to be a major time travel event which will prevent the big snap from ever happening. But what if Marvel had set up the future of the MCU right in the beginning of Infinity War? Just suppose that the Avengers travel back in time and are successful at preventing the snap from ever happening, but trying to do that, they also prevent any of the other Infinity War events that take place right after the work out session of Tony and Pepper.

Beginning of Infinity War is Avengers 4’s Ending

Avengers 4 is supposed to alter the timeline enough, so in order to give Tony a happy ending, the alteration of the timeline could be put in motion starting from the beginning of Infinity War. In this altered timeline, Tony and Pepper get married and have a kid as Pepper was indeed expecting a baby when Tony asked her about it.

Beginning of Infinity War is Avengers 4’s Ending

The whole moment could feel like a Déjà vu situation where right after Tony asks Pepper, he gets a sort of hint that all this has already happened in the past (in an alternate timeline), and then things move on and he retires from the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Beginning of Infinity War is Avengers 4’s Ending

This ending could be extremely stunning for us as it will give us the whole Twilight Saga vibe as something similar happened towards the end of The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part II where the entire final battle of the film was shown to be as a future possibility. People would be amazed and thrilled seeing what Marvel might pull off with this.

Beginning of Infinity War is Avengers 4’s Ending

This could also set up the futures of other characters as well. For instance, the timeline would have ended in such a way that The Hulk would have never crashed on to Earth, and that would have led to Doctor Strange leading his life to his own sequel film.

Beginning of Infinity War is Avengers 4’s Ending

Spider-Man: Far From Home could pick up straight from the moment where Peter is on the bus with Stan Lee, and then the whole vacation in Europe somehow unfolds. Black Panther 2 would have Bucky as the sidekick of T’Challa in Wakanda, Vision & Scarlet Witch could live together happily ever after and stuff like that.

It would work similarly for the cosmic heroes as well. The Guardians could straight off go into Vol.3 while the Asgardians could peacefully enter Earth and that would mark the return of Hulk to Earth! But this might present 2-3 problems.

Beginning of Infinity War is Avengers 4’s Ending

Killing off Captain America would become very difficult as he is not supposed to return in Phase 4, the fate of Hawkeye might become unclear, and the same goes for Rhodey, Sam and Natasha. The creatives will have to present some very complex plotting that will kill off Thanos even before he attacks Thor’s ship, and take out the likes of Captain America in the past itself.

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3

But the biggest problem here would be that all this would technically erase the two massive Avengers movies that Marvel has been building up to for the last 11 years. It would be a whole Deadpool 2 situation where the audiences would be in a dilemma to either praise or curse at Marvel for the ballsy move that they just played. It is a great theory but it is highly unlikely that Marvel will technically want to erase the 2 movies that will have fetched them $4 Billion worldwide!

Avengers 4 The Hulk

People are going to go crazy. Some might not want to stay on the hype train thinking that this is where the two Avengers movies supposedly picked up from, and now the rest of the films are starting from the same point?! So, a good thumbs up for the theory, but it won’t be the reality of the MCU. Avengers 4 comes out on April 26, 2019.  

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