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Most of us prefer watching the latest movies at home, the reason being maybe the tickets were sold out or you don’t want to spend too much on tickets. This helps you save your money and also the time spent on booking tickets. Indian Cinema lets you forget your worries & step into a different world, at least for a few hours, giving you a much-needed escape from our hectic lives. However, we do not always have that luxury of going to a theatre and watch a story getting unfolded on a large screen, with that so-much-loved surround sound. Well, you have nothing to worry since we’ve got you covered. Today we’re gonna let you know how you can watch the latest movie releases in Hindi. So here’s yet another article for you that will help you out with new releases Hindi movies watch online free. Let’s Begin!

1) InsTube

InsTube video downloader is a free Android app used for downloading both video and music content from YouTube, Facebook, Video, SoundCloud etc. It’s a security verified app. Apart from that, you don’t need any type of registration to get started. The app is available on app stores like or Here’s a link to their website.

2) provides you with the simplest method of finding the information about Movies, Bollywood Movies, Hollywood and Hindi Dubbed Movies without the usual excessive spyware that can be found in a majority of the sites these days. They only focus on the best and latest movies and do not host any of the contents on their servers so it is completely legal since the content is provided by non-affiliated third parties. Here’s a link to their website.

3) Filmlinks4u

It’s a platform where you can watch all your favorite Hindi movies online by exploring the wide range of movies that Filmlinks4u has lined up for you. The website follows the ethical norms and clearly says,

We do not upload any videos nor do we know who and where videos are coming from. We do not promote any illegal conduct of any kind. Links to the videos are submitted by users and managed by users.

Here’s a link to the website.

4) is another website for you to watch the latest Hindi movies online for free. You can choose from various options like dubbed, documentaries etc. and what’s more? there’s a “Browse by” option where you can filter your movie search by Actors, Actresses, and directors. Like other websites, this site too has a disclaimer that says, does not host, provide, archive, store, or distribute media of any kind, and acts merely as an index (or directory) of media posted by other webmasters, users, uploders on the internet, which is completely outside of our control. 

Here’s a link to the website

5) Snaptube

On Snaptube, you can watch your favorite Bollywood movies without spending a penny. The android app is available for all the leading Android versions which provide a fast & seamless way for streaming videos and music. It has integrated various websites & channels, letting its users save their time & efforts while watching any movie. It provides you with a highly convenient & freely-available solution to watch the latest Bollywood movies online on an Android smartphone in a completely hassle-free way. Here’s a link to the website.

6) Online Movies Gold

new releases hindi movies watch online free

Online Movies Gold is one of the best sites for Hindi movies around. A full complement of searching and filtering features along with tons of titles to choose from. Users can watch Hindi, Tamil, Hollywood, Telugu, Malayalam, Bengali, dubbed, and more. Here’s the link to the website.

This was our article about new releases Hindi movies watch online free. We hope it will help you and will serve your purpose.

Watch Bollywood Movies Online For Free Without Downloading

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