Avengers 4 Theory: Here’s How Thanos Foreshadowed The Death of Captain America

Avengers 4 comes out in almost 7 months and even before the trailer has hit the net, there are countless theories that have already surrounded the upcoming film. Avengers: Infinity War has set the big finale event in such a way that we can’t help but imagine the insane possibilities that could take place in the next film (14,000,605 to be precise). While we will see the likes of Captain America, Iron Man and probably Thor for the last time in Avengers 4, it will also be the last film of the greatest MCU villain Thanos!

Avengers 4 Theory Thanos Captain America

Avengers: Infinity War ended in the most tragic way possible, but the fact that all the heroes would return does take away a lot of weight from the real emotions that we were supposed to have. But with Avengers 4, it will be totally different as we would totally find people literally crying towards the end of the film as that end would mark the exit of the big guns of the MCU, Captain America, and Iron Man. According to what really makes sense, not all the 6 Avengers will be done from the MCU.

Since Iron Man is Marvel’s biggest character, he will most likely be retired. Black Widow will continue even in Phase 4 as she may be the lead in the upcoming A-Force film. Even though Chris Hemsworth’s contract with Marvel has exhausted, he will be the likely one to return with a renewed contract due to the re-emergence of Thor as a character in the last 2 films. The Hulk will complete his 3 story arc which began with Thor: Ragnarok, in Avengers 4 so his exit is dicey. He will obviously not be killed since he is the Hulk, and he works well in short dozes, so perhaps his character will probably be retired, or you could say rested until Marvel finds a project that really fits him well.

But things do look tragic for the other two Avengers who are actually the most expendable ones in the original team. Jeremy Renner’s Hawkeye will probably appear in his final movie showing us his very best as Ronin, and then having made things right, he will probably be the first big name to really die. And then we will arrive at the most tragic moment of the film, which will leave the fans in tears. That would be the death of Captain America. He has led the team from the front, and he is most likely the one who will make the big sacrifice and since Chris Evans has confirmed that he is out for sure, it may be safe to go into Avengers 4 being prepared for Cap’s death.

A Reddit user named Crossfiyah recently posted his theory stating a way in which Cap would make the big sacrifice to save everyone, and he has very interestingly applied a reasoning which explains how Thanos was actually the one to foreshadow his death in Avengers: Infinity War. Here’s what his theory reads:

“I’ve been thinking about this for a while and it seems odd to add the gauntlet causing so much damage to the side of Thanos’ body when using all six stones together. There’s no indication before that moment that the gauntlet causes harm to its user, and in the comics that’s not even the case either. So why do it?

The simplest explanation I can come up with is to explain why Cap dies when he uses it in A4.

My prediction is that sometime during the climax of the battle with Thanos they will get the Gauntlet off of him, but there will be almost nobody left to use it. Tony will attempt to do so, but Thanos will end up breaking his left arm, preventing him from doing it.

That will leave Cap as the only person left in a position to do so, and when he uses the Gauntlet to reverse the Snap it will kill him instead.

The reason they showed the Gauntlet hurting Thanos is so it makes more sense when it straight-up disintegrates Cap. :(“

While most of the generic audiences not exactly aware of the comics felt that Thanos’ arm was damaged because of the insane power that was unleashed using 6 Infinity Stones at once, the Redditor is actually right to point out the fact that this is not the case in the original Source material. His theory actually makes quite a lot of sense explaining why the Russos chose to go with the arm getting damaged and he made a great connection of that deducing the way Cap would die.

Avengers 4 Theory: Here’s How Thanos Foreshadowed The Captain America Death

Avengers 4 could obviously give us a different way of that to happen, with theories surrounding that Cap would actually wield Mjolnir in the past and everything. So anything could happen and we just have to be prepared for all possible contingencies. Still, this theory did instigate the tragic emotions that we may never be prepared for!

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