16 Weird Reasons Superhero Movies Got Censored Overseas

There are a lot of superhero movies that are launched and we watch and love them. They go through a lot of challenges before getting released and sometimes they endure cuts and changes ordered by censor boards for very stupid reasons. Check out our list 16 Weird Reasons Superhero Movies Were Censored Overseas.

 1. Batman Returns

Stars like Catwoman and the Penguin were also involved in the sequel to Batman. The movie was banned because the British Board of Film Classification thought that the movie had an “imitable behavior”.

2. Iron Man 2

The movie involved a lot of governments in the plot. For instance, the government of the countries like Russia, China, Iran and North Korea were mentioned in the movie. When the movie was released, the Russian angle proved to be an issue. The references to these had to be removed and even the words became scrambled.

3. Marvel’s The Avengers

In Britain, there existed a movie with the name of The Avengers already. So to release it there and to avoid copyright issues, they had to rename the movie to Avengers Assemble.

4. Spider-Man 2

Among the most popular superhero movies of all time, it shows Spider-Man fighting an evil doctor, with four mechanical arms, Doctor Octopus. There is a scene where Doctor Octopus and Spider-Man end up in a tower and they have a fistfight, and Spider-Man headbutts Doctor Octopus. In the United Kingdom, they believed that it was “imitable behavior”, thus unacceptable, so they removed the scene and replaced it with a fist punch.

5. Batman Forever

In the movie, there is this scene where the where there is a fight between a security guard and the main actor. The scene had to be made less scary for the young viewers. But, some of the scenes were deleted from the movie that involved kneeling in the stomach and in the crotch and headbutting.

6. Robocop 2

The British Board of Film Classification had ordered a lot of edits in the movie in the fight scene where a cop died and returning as a powerful cyborg. The scenes involving kicking in the crotch, killing a woman holding a baby and others had to be removed.

7. Deadpool

Deadpool was an amazing comedy superhero movie, that gained a lot of popularity. The main issue was the explicit content that wasn’t entertained in a lot of countries like India. There were scenes that were cut, like a head and a hand being cut off from the body, and the nudity of the strip club, all removed, for the Indian release.

8. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2

This is most family friendly superhero franchise, the Ninja Turtles. The first movie had a lot of criticism due to extreme violence, so this one had less. The nunchucks found to be offensive to the minors of the United Kingdom and thus were completely removed or shortened.

9. Wonder Woman

Not everyone liked the movie because of the feminist theme and a female hero, also it was banned in countries like Qatar, Lebanon, because of the Israeli actress. Moreover, on the Island of Thymescira, Wonder Woman comes along when the pilot was bathing. In a lot of scenes, he appears almost naked and the Indian Censor Board wanted it to be removed all at once.

10. Batman Vs. Superman

batman v superman

The movie raised a lot of eyebrows because it showcased two superheroes fighting against each other. But scenes where Clark Kent walked naked on the Lois Lane and covered with water, and Bruce Wayne is seen naked briefly. All of these scenes that included nudity were immediately cut by the Indian Censor Board.

11. The Toxic Avenger

In the movie, there is a part that shows a group of bullies who make a game to chase and run people over. This entire subplot was completely removed from the story because of the questions it raised, in the British version. The scenes where Toxie kills and mutilates the criminals are also removed.

12. Suicide Squad

Overall, the movie did well but the Indian Censor Board demanded the widespread cut of the audio advocating profanity and blasphemy.

13. Judge Dredd

It didn’t contain a lot of violence but even that didn’t pass through the BBFC, the scene where the villain gives a lot of headbutts to the Judge Dredd were all removed because that is considered as imitable behaviour and also is offending to the minors.

14. Darkman

It was not the cutting off of fingers that created problems, but it was the small time shot of a thug with a pair of nunchucks that got the axe, because the portrayal of nunchucks in movies was illegal at the time, so the BBFC didn’t let it pass.

15. Captain America: The Winter Soldier

After being frozen, it was the notes that contained I Love Lucy and the Berlin Wall, the actor needed to catch up on the things, but the list was changed a little like in the United Kingdom, the above were replaced by Sherlock, and the 1966 World Cup Final.

16. Logan

superhero movies

The Chinese wanted a lot of cuts like the Wolverine impaling heads with his claws and a shot of woman’s bare breasts was all cut, adding up to seventeen minutes of cut. Yet the Chinese were thrilled enough from the movie.

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