Hobbs & Shaw Rotten Tomatoes Score Revealed Post Credits Scenes Confirmed

Just one day and we’d finally get to see the biggest non-superhero action blockbuster of the year. The rift between Dwayne Johnson and Vin Diesel was the reason Universal fast-tracked this Spin-off, and the winners are the fans. The spin-off does set up a sequel as well, and that’s what we all thought. The Rock has confirmed the fact that the movie Hobbs & Shaw, does have post-credits scenes. Now we know what to expect from the film because the critical consensus is out. We finally have the Rotten Tomatoes score as well.

Apparently, Universal decided to wait until the very last day to lift the Review Embargo. Well, now it’s lifted and the critics do back the film. The last 5 Fast and Furious films have got a positive response from the critics despite the heavy over bloated action sequences. Furious 7 was the film that had the best RT score (81% Fresh) but other film have also got a pretty cool score from the critics. The latest one, i.e. Fast & Furious Presents: Hobbs & Shaw has opened up with a strong score as well.

With 34 reviews, the film opened up with a 76% score on the RT website. But as of now with a total of 80 reviews, the score has dipped down to 71%. By the time all the critics will have chipped in their reviews, the score could end up somewhere between 65-75% depending on how the critics find the film.

Hobbs And Shaw Fast & Furious

Without any further ado, let’s take a look at the review round up and see what certain critics think of the film:

EW – Leah Greenblatt

“The screenplay, by Chris Morgan, is necessary nonsense, but it makes more basic sense than most of the diesel-fumed logic in the rest of the Furious franchise. And director David Leitch (Atomic Blonde, Deadpool 2) seems to know how to set up his outrageous set pieces, then get out of the way often enough to let his stars do what they need to do: Joke, chokehold, kiss, and smash until the helicopters come home.”

You can read EW’s full review here.

Fast and Furious Spin-Off Hobbs & Shaw Keanu Reeves


“Is it a bit silly? Sure. Did I laugh and enjoy watching the Rock and Jason Statham bicker back and forth? Definitely. But most important, the film doesn’t forget its franchise roots. For as ludicrous as some of the film’s plot becomes, family is always at the heart of the spin-off.”

Here’s the full review of Insider.

Hobbs & Shaw Idris Elba Flamethrower

Comicbook.Com – Brandon Davis

“The Fast & Furious franchise is launching its first spinoff film in the form of Hobbs & Shaw. It’s a franchise that has already exceeded its life expectancy by cranking out eight films but it’s only gained momentum with each release, making a spinoff seemingly inevitable in the current movie culture. Fortunately, the Hobbs & Shaw spinoff not only boasts the same ridiculous, gravity-defying aspects the franchise has come to embrace but it offers them up in a self-aware, largely entertaining format.”

You can read our full review here.


The Wrap – Candice Frederick

“Hobbs & Shaw generally doesn’t reinvent any wheels in the franchise. (It’s not even necessary that you’ve seen Fast & Furious 6, though there are a few minor references at the end of this film.) But it does underscore the undeniable chemistry between bonafide action figures Johnson and Statham in a film that doesn’t try to be anything more than a frivolous blockbuster, but with heart.”

Here’s the full review of Insider.

Indiewire – Eric Kohn

“The world is a scary and confusing place, but at least we have Dwayne Johnson looming over Jason Statham and describing their encounters as akin to ‘dragging my balls across shattered glass.’ With Hobbs & Shaw, the Fast and the Furious franchise spins off two of its most outrageous action studs into a standalone buddy movie in which they resist every opportunity to buddy up. As special agents forced to team up against their will, the beefy Luke Hobbs (Johnson) and slippery Deckard Shaw (Statham) trade barbs with such virtuosity they outshine everything around them.”

You can read IndieWire’s full review here.

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