Genetically Engineered Thor: The Crazy Theory That Blows Everything Else Out of the Water

There are certain characters in the Marvel Cinematic Universe and the Marvel Comic Verse that come from legend. They are all powerful beings not because the mythology says so. No sir, in the comics these beings or characters are overpowered and omnipotent because the writers need them to be so for the sake of the story. Such characters, like for example Thor, are not meant to be taken too seriously. They exist for the purpose of the story and their power levels also vary as the requirements of the story change. It is all rather grim when I put it like that but that is the reality of the industry in which these characters exist. One can choose to look at it like that or one can, in the true believer spirit, choose to theorize and scrutinize the backstories of these characters.


Thor, for example, was introduced as a part of an inter-dimensional advanced civilization in the Marvel Cinematic Universe whose technology was so unfathomable for us that it might as well be magic to the uninitiated. Marvel has always chosen to explain the backstory of Thor and the other Asgardian Gods in a certain way.

The company has stuck to the same explanation for decades and they are not about to change now. But if Thor and the other Asgardians are just an advanced species of men and woman then how are they so powerful. Why is a technologically advanced species now capable of harnessing lightning out of thin air? Why do they call themselves Gods? And most importantly what is their history? Today we have a crazy theory that will answer all of those questions. Read on to find out if your guess was right.

The theory comes from Quora where a curious fan asked that if Thor, Hela and Odin are in fact just an advanced species of superhumans then what the source of their power is. The top rated answer did something that no one expected. The answerer actually gave a feasible explanation that could very well be canon in the current Marvel Cinematic Universe (Up until we get any evidence in one of the future MCU movies to debunk it). You see, the answerer thinks that the Asgardians are a genetically engineered species that was created by the Celestials.

What!? That explains nothing. Why would the Celestials create a species as powerful as the Asgardians, moreover, why would the Celestials create something that mistakes themselves for Gods? And the Asgardians stem from the world tree Yggdrasil, not from an alien species.

But what if this ‘Yggdrasil’ is one of the Celestials? What if Yggdrasil is the most powerful and the oldest of the Celestials. The answerer over on Quora suggests this very idea and urges his audience to believe him. The idea is that the world tree is actually a sentient being that lives in the universe and is the part of the Celestials. The Celestials in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (Much like their counterparts in the Marvel comic multiverse) are all powerful beings that created the universe and now want to balance the amount of life in the universe.

For this purpose, the Celestials, both in the Marvel Cinematic Universe and the Marvel Comic Verse, chose to genetically engineer life in different and then allowed it to grow for a millennia before they came back to judge it. They have done this on the earth before after all this was how Thanos came to be in the first place.

The world tree ‘Yggdrasil’ did create the nine realms as mentioned in the Norse mythos. But the reason for the creation of Asgard was for the celestial’s protection. You see, the Asgardians have sworn to protect all the nine realms that exist on the Yggdrasil and to fight against any evil that arises in these realms. The first realm to be created was Alfheim (The realm of the all-powerful light and dark elves and blessed with the light of Alfheim), but the dark elves grew too powerful and they threatened the Yggdrasil itself when they gained the control of the Aether (The reality stone of the Marvel Cinematic Universe).

So the sentient Celestial tree of Yggdrasil decided to create the Asgardians (The apex of its genetical engineering capabilities) and gave them the power and the motivation to protect the nine realms against the evil dark elves.

Little did Yggdrasil know that this move will lead to the successful creation of a race that ruled the nine realms with absolute power and protected it from all the evils, that is the job of Thor and that was the job of Odin before him. Do you think the theory makes any sense or does it sound like pure hogwash? Please let us know your views in the comments below.

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