10 Best Horror Movies You Must Watch This Halloween

With the immense success of the latest horror movie ‘IT’, the horror film market has certainly risen again and people are getting into a scary movie again. To remind you of some of the great horror movies of all times from the recent to the very old, here we have a list of the best horror movies. So make sure to put these movies on your list to watch on your next sleepover!

10. The Witches:

Based on the novel by the loved children’s author Roald Dahl the story follows a young boy turned mouse who must defeat a coven of witches planning to instill a similar fate on the children of Britain. Even though it is a children’s story but has dark and unsettling themes that make it an adult watch. So watch this movie if you are in for a light horror and fun film.

9. Aliens:

Some may say that this is more of a supernatural action movie than horror but trust me it will give you nightmares. This movie shows that humans are just a vulnerable species among many other terrifying species. There is an underlying horror effect in this movie that will give you the chills.

8. Barbadook:

Initially this movie was a flop when it released but when it was screened at some movie festivals people finally saw how awesome it was and the movie went on to have a great rating on Rotten tomatoes. The movie is about a single mother dealing with her troubled child and some scenes are genuinely terrifying.

7. The Vanishing:

This movie is known for its terrifying ending and is definitely one you should have on your list. The story of an obsessed boyfriend may not be new to you but this movie takes it a notch higher. It is a very unsettling film and may even haunt you for days so be prepared to be terrified with this one.

6. Let the right one in:

The story focuses on a relationship as it blossoms from an uneasy acquaintanceship into an adolescent romance. The movie involves the girl being a vampire who goes on to kill people and feed off their blood which makes the love story even more interesting (unlike Twilight). So if you like a sweet horror love story then this is your cup of tea.

5. Get Out:

One of the most successful horror movies in the past ten years is ‘Get out’. With an excellent performance by the entire cast, the movie’s strong writing and twist ending make it a slow burn that really pays off in the last twenty minutes or so. This one is a solid horror experience and will definitely make a lasting impression on you.

4. Repulsion:

This is a pretty old movie as it came out in 1965 but it is worth watching. It is believed that this film has one of the most disturbing imagery and is a true psychological horror film. If you have any doubt about the film then simply check the rating on Rotten Tomatoes and you will be forced to watch the film. Dealing with a woman’s inner demons this movie is pure gold.

3. Rosemary’s Baby:

With a 99% rating on Rotten Tomatoes this movie has all the elements for a great horror film. Following the life of a couple through their first pregnancy. This movie is so terrifying that it might make you never want to have children in your life! Polanski’s vision and the actors ability really brings the suspense of the novel to the big screen.

2. Under the shadow:

This movie takes place in a middle-eastern war zone and is a unique film in the horror genre. Many films have depicted the horrors of a war zone before but this film depicts actual supernatural horrors happening to a pair of mother and daughter amidst a real war. The evil middle-eastern spirits are so scary you will be haunted by them for a week at least.

 1. Evil Dead 2:


This isn’t the smartest horror movie you will watch but it is surely a fun movie. With a 98% rating on Rotten Tomatoes, the sequel to Evil dead has the most memorable scenes in the horror movie genre. If you like chainsaws and people getting possessed then this is a movie that will impress you. It is goofy and gory and something you will enjoy with friends.

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