Top 10 Most Unnecessary Movie Remakes or Sequels of 2019

Unnecessary Movie Remakes of 2019:

No matter how far you look, you’ll only see remakes, reboots or sequels. The Lack of good original movies today signifies that the Production houses are just in the business of making money. They do not care if they are producing quality content or not as long as they make money. We, as fans are also somewhat responsible for these unnecessary movies as we encourage them by watching these flicks.

#10: Aladdin

Unnecessary Movie Remakes of 2019

We have all grown up watching Aladdin on Disney and when the live-action remake was announced, a lot of people were against it as they believed it would tarnish the image of the original movie. Although the movie is not a complete disaster, as people hoped it would be, it was nowhere near the original masterpiece.

#9: Fast and Furious Presents: Hobbs and Shaw

Unnecessary Movie Remakes of 2019

At this point, this whole franchise is unnecessary but thanks to their ‘billion-dollar’ performance at the box office, we are going to see these movies for several years to come. Hobbs and Shaw is a complete popcorn movie, you’ll have fun watching the movie, but you’ll forget it as soon as it gets over.

#8: Terminator: Dark Fate

Terminator Dark Fate Death of Terminator Franchise

Arnold always told us that he’ll be back, but after watching the last movie we are not sure if we even want him back anymore. The first two movies were so good that the sequels could never keep up with them. Even though Linda Hamilton made a comeback in this movie, it could not match the expectations.

#7: Rambo: Last Blood

Unnecessary Movie

This movie was bashed left and right by the critics, and we understand the criticism, but only to a point. Rambo: Last Blood will entertain you a lot if you are a hardcore Rambo fan, but it won’t add anything significant to your life. The plot of the movie has been done a lot of times.

#6: Dumbo

Dumbo Rotten Tomatoes Score

Dumbo is a beloved Disney character, who has been entertaining us for decades. Disney is just thinking about money at this point as it is releasing one live-action adaptation after the other without putting any thought into it. Dumbo was disappointing in all the aspects and the worst part is that the movie tarnished the image of such a beloved character for future generations.

#5: Godzilla: King of the Monsters

Godzilla: King of The Monsters Prequel MUTO Prime

Last we checked, this movie was supposed to be about Godzilla fighting monsters, but that was not the case. The makers extensively focused on irrelevant characters who added nothing to the movie, which hampered the overall experience. They have teased Kong Vs Godzilla for so long that people are starting to lose interest in it.

#4: The Addams Family

We still can’t understand why the makers decided to make this movie without a solid script or plan. Even small kids were bored watching this movie. The Addams Family was made only for one reason, to make money and in the process, they even damaged our love for the franchise. Everything was predictable and even the humor was re-used.

#3: Child’s Play

Unnecessary Movie Remakes

Child’s Play is the 8th movie based on Chucky in the span of 31 years and we are not sure if we wanted another Chucky movie. They tried to make this movie a bit different from the previous ones, but it fell flat during delivery. Now, they should just let the franchise rest for a good while before harming it even further.

#2: Men in Black: International

Men in Black owes the majority of its success to Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones and no one wanted this movie to be made. The chemistry between Tessa Thompson and Chris Hemsworth was enjoyable to look at but when it came to the plot, the movie failed to deliver. We realize that they are not going to stop milking this franchise just yet.

#1: Hellboy

Remakes of 2019

The Production houses would rather murder a franchise than to let it rest in a bid to make money and Hellboy is the perfect example of that. David Harbour is an amazing actor and the makers completely wasted his potential by giving him a bland script. The effort by the actors and the director was visible, but even they were helpless.

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