10 More Things You Did Not Know About Albus Dumbledore

Albus Percival Wulfric Brian Dumbledore is the character we all think of when we hear the words ‘Hogwarts headmaster’. He wasn’t just another character in the story as he was the mastermind behind many things which made him one of the most important and central characters of the plot. As readers of the series, we basically knew as much about him as did Harry but there were some other details that are not known by everyone. Like everyone else, Albus Dumbledore has an interesting past and there are things that happened before the events of the Harry Potter series and these are some of them:

 1. He had a weird scar:

Things You Did Not Know About Albus Dumbledore

Albus Dumbledore often said weird things to Harry and one of them was about his scar. He once told Harry that he had a scar above his knee that looked like the map of the London underground. Nobody knows if he was joking or he was serious and actually has this scar. He was quirky and eccentric and we loved him anyway.

 2. Dumbledore’s Patronus:

Have you ever wondered what is Dumbledore’s Patronus? Well here is the answer. His Patronus was the majestic creature that he was so fond of that is the Phoenix. It is rare to have such a powerful magical creature as your Patronus but we are not surprised that Dumbledore has it. He loved his pet phoenix Fawkes and had a deep connection with it, which might have been a reason that he had it as its patronus.

 3. He was a mentor to many:

Albus Dumbledore did not only guide Harry in his time at Hogwarts but guided many known people who later went on to become successful. He taught Minerva McGonagall when he was still a Transfiguration teacher at Hogwarts and we all know she later went on to become a Hogwarts headmistress herself. He also taught Newt Scamander and even helped him write his famous book ‘fantastic beasts and where to find them’.

 4. He invented the Deluminator:

We all remember the Deluminator which was a device that looked like a little cigarette lighter and could steal or capture light from the sources. The device went to Ron Weasley after Dumbledore’s death but did you know that this interesting device was actually invented by Dumbledore himself. Als,o the device did more than just the light stuff and had some mysterious powers as well.

 5. Dumbledore’s muggle connection:

Just like Harry, Dumbledore also had a muggle born mother and a pureblood father that made him a half-blood wizard. His blood status made him sympathetic and kind towards muggles and he believed that the blood status should not define a wizard. He fought those who killed muggles and gave importance to subjects like muggle studies when he was headmaster.

 6. His father was sent to Azkaban:

Percival Dumbledore once attacked three Muggle boys who traumatized his daughter Ariana. Even though his intention was to take revenge for his child’s misery but attacking muggles was obviously a crime. For this he was sent to Azkaban for a long time and his wife had to raise three children alone.

 7. Dumbledore’s greatest achievement:

Only a few wizards win the greatest honor that is Order of Merlin (first class) for their contributions in the wizarding world and Dumbledore is one of them. It is the biggest achievement for a wizard and Dumbledore won it for defeating Gellert Grindelwald in a duel and for ridding the wizarding world of his terror.

 8. The Grindelwald chapter:

Dumbledore’s friendship with Grindelwald is probably the most controversial parts of his life for the sole reason that Dumbledore supported him in many of his dark endeavours. Dumbledore was influenced by his love and respect for his friend and he therefore looked past his flaws and malicious intentions for the ‘greater good’.

 9. His mother’s death:


Ariana Dumbledore had a very disturbing childhood and was once attacked by three Muggle boys. The attack traumatized her and affected her so much that her magical abilities could not be controlled anymore. She could only use magic when she had emotional outbursts and one such outburst resulted in an explosion that killed her own mother.

 10. He refused the position of minister of magic:

10 More Things You Did Not Know About Albus Dumbledore Facts

Did you know that Albus Dumbledore was once offered the role of minister of magic which means he could have been the head of the wizarding world but he refused the position. Dumbledore was very ambitious when he was young and did some things he later regretted. As he grew older he distanced himself from any kind of political power and high office.

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