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40 Epic Harry Potter Vs Twilight Memes That Might Start A War

Harry Potter and Twilight are the two biggest fantasy movie franchises, people love them, adore them and even troll them in so many ways. But when it comes to comparing both of them together, as if there is any point to compare but still, Harry Potter franchise will always win as Harry Potter is a masterpiece, an international best-seller and a source of inspiration for aspiring writers and film-makers. The craze for Harry Potter books and movies will never ever fade. Fans admired every single character and are obsessed with them. On the other hand, Twilight is not up to the expectation for the fantasy lovers. Here we bring you some of the funniest Harry Potter Vs Twilight memes that might hurt the feelings of fans:

New Form of Punishment!









So Much Different!



So True!!






Bloody Hell!






May Be Edward Has 60 Accounts!









It Doesn’t!



He Sparkles!



Too Busy!!






Read Twilight!



Still A Better Love Story!



Malfoy Sparkle All The Time!



Oh Crap!!



It’s Hideous!






Voldemort Doesn’t Eat Junk Food!



Wow, Bella!



We Can’t Hear You!



Who Will Win!



The Girl Who Did Nothing!



Aww, Ron!



Hermione’s Expression!



What Again!



Google Do Not Lie!



The Difference!



Harry Potter All The Way!






Oh Yeah!



Hagrid Was Right!



Come Back!!



Thank God!


No Sign of Intelligent!



No One Hate Twilight Like Robert Does!



Maybe if Twilight could get the terminology correct…



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