Does DCEU Still Need Zack Snyder??

Zack Snyder has been the one to really set up the DCEU the way it is now. Surely it has been full of bumps and fiddles, but there are so many fans that have loved the way DCEU currently is and Snyder has been at the middle of all of it. He has been the reason why fans have become divided because there are certain people who have loved his work, while others have not. Recently, as we all know that he had to leave Justice League before he could complete the movie due to tragic family reasons and Joss Whedon stepped in place of him and completed the movie adding various elements and removing others with reshoots.

So the question arises that does DCEU still need Zack Snyder? Is he the right choice to continue making DC movies? Fans could argue in both aspects very well.

Here is why The DCEU still needs him

1 – He is the ultimate visionary

When Snyder started with Man of Steel, he had a set vision which would set up the future of the DCEU, and he continued with it through Batman V Superman and wanted to bring it to a sort of end with Justice League. He actually had plans for Justice League 2 as well but the movie was scrapped and Snyder was left with just one movie. Still, his work has been loved by the fans and this was proved when the ultimate cut of BvS came out. Fans loved that and this proved that it was due to the editing that was done in the movie that certain fans actually hated the movie. The same thing happened with Justice League as so many fans have been vocal about demanding Zack Snyder’s cut of the movie as what we got at the theatres was an altered and edited version. He understands the true beauty of it and goes by this particular line- “The night is darkest only before the Dawn”, and JL proves it.

2 – He’s All about Comic Book Grandeur

Critics say Snyder doesn’t get superheroes, especially after he made Superman kill Zod and then impulsively take on Batman. But if you look at how Snyder mapped out the DCEU, he really does understand the motivations of all the characters. He gave us the best on-screen Batman (apart from Batman killing people), he wrote Wonder Woman, he brought in Aquaman and made him cool for everyone as Aquaman was one of the best parts about Justice League. Putting aside that he rushed certain things, his ultimate vision was going to be a true comic book event.

3 – He is a visual king

There is no one else in the industry better than him in this department. If you look at all the big movies he has directed- 300, Watchmen, Man of Steel, BvS, JL, every movie had such amazing visuals that really incredible to witness. Along with that, he makes the fight scenes so awesome that fans go crazy all over them.

4 – He has a dedicated fan base

Like it or not, Snyder doe has a huge fan following and he is a huge brand in Hollywood. The petition for Snyder’s Justice League cut itself proves this point. So many people have demanded his cut to be released that we have now stopped bothering to even count. No matter the criticism he has gotten over the years, his work is still loved by fans and there are way more fans of his than true haters. So, bringing him back would mean bringing this huge fan base back.

Here is why DCEU does not need Snyder

1 – The world is not ready for his movies

Even though Snyder is a visual maestro, his storytelling is too dark, questions the hard reality of this world and is not universally accepted because most of his movies are dark, which is why fans have literally hated him and his movies. There are certain things that the viewers sometimes don’t relate to while watching his movies. The biggest example of this is the infamous Martha moment in BvS.

2 – His particular style of movie making is not liked by fans


With every Snyder movie, one thing is certain that it is going to be action-packed, with a lot of stories, and great visuals. But the problem fans face is the pacing of these movies. He makes really long movies where the first and the second half of the movies are quite slow and then the third half gives you so much at once that you cannot take it. Man of Steel and BvS told two long stories and gave big action sequences all at once in the third act of the movie.

3 – He rushes things

Even though he makes long movies with a lot of story in it, he still puts in so many elements and subplots in one movie that fans do not like to see all at once. Man of Steel had an entire subplot of Krypton, BvS had 5 movies worth of good material crammed in it in order to make way for Justice League, and for this particular reason, the DCEU now feels really rushed.

So, considering the arguments against and in favor of Snyder, DCEU could really use Snyder if he is given full control of everything he does with a movie.

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