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20 Mind-Blowing Things You Might Not Know About Ron Weasley

Ronald Bilius “Ron” Weasley is the fictional character of the most popular Harry Potter series. He is the second friend of Harry after Hagrid in Hogwarts. Actor Rupert Grint portrays the character, Ron Weasley. Check out the awesome facts that every Potterhead must know:

Freckles Make-Up!

Original Drafts!

Ron Rupert!

Film Adaptation!

Ron Dragged Away!

Ron Supports Bulgaria!

Hagrid’s Half-Brother!

Ron’s Patronus!

Voldemort’s Name!

”Bloody Hell”

Ron Weasley Doesn’t Like Coffee!

Ron Was Shocked!

Ron is Related to Draco Malfoy!

Ron’s Least Favorite Color! 

LEGO Harry Potter!

The Wand!

Possible Death of Ronald Weasley!

Yule Ball Scene!

Favorite Sandwich!

Lose his Head!

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