Every Marvel Superhero Confirmed to Appear in MCU Phase 4

With the end of Avengers: Infinity War and the Marvel Cinematic Universe prepping up for the coming of the fourth unnamed Avengers flick. With Thanos reigning victorious in his grand quest to rid the Universe of half of all life in the whole wide universe, the game is set for the surviving heroes to band together and save the day. But the question is what happens next? How many superheroes are going to turn their heads and come back for the next great saga of the MCU? Fortunately, we have an answer. Presenting take a look at all the Marvel Superheroes confirmed to appear in MCU Phase 4!!

 1. Adam Warlock

Marvel Superheroes

Adam Warlock surprisingly still hasn’t made an appearance in any MCU movie until now. He did make a passive appearance in the GOTG Vol. 2 movies. But he has stayed behind the curtains for some reason. Infinity War saw the coming of Thanos but unlike in the comic book story arc, Warlock was nowhere to be found. Kevin Feige has confirmed that Warlock is going to appear in MCU Phase 4.

 2. Ayesha

What happened to the Queen of the Sovereign after the end of GOTG Vol. 2? Was she even part of the story arc or just a gold crusted eye candy that was there to serve as the key to open the gates for Adam Warlock to enter the MCU? We will know soon enough. Elizabeth Debicki who plays Ayesha in the MCU has officially announced her comeback to the Marvel franchise.

 3. Groot

Marvel Superheroes

Infinity War is not the last time you will hear ‘I am Groot’!! Trust us when we say this, Groot is coming back to Marvel. The snap cannot kill the talking tree that easily. The entire team of Guardians might be dead and Rocket is the only one left alive to drive the Milano into outer space, but he will soon have a companion of his own. Groot, voiced by Vin Diesel, is coming back.

 4. Rocket

Can anyone even imagine a Marvel Universe without the foul-mouthed raccoon? Rocket came along with his wild-eyed shenanigans and conquered us all with his super cool demeanor. But with the end of Infinity War, he is all alone. Lucky for him, Groot is coming back and there have also been rumors about a Rocket-Groot spinoff movie.

 5. Mantis

Marvel Superheroes

Mantis was one of the casualties of Infinity War. But she will be back in phase 4 of the MCU even though she has passed on to the afterlife. With Gamora now permanently out of the MCU and Nebula showing no signs of returning to the Guardians of the Galaxy, the next best female representative of the Galactic outlaws are Mantis herself. Maybe Marvel will start a new version of the Guardians with Rocket and Mantis as core members.

 6. Drax

Can the invisible man slyly come back to the forays of the MCU again? Looks like he just might make it! Dave Bautista played the awesome character of Drax the Destroyer in Guardians of the Galaxy. His portrayal of the character has provided him with much applause and appreciation from much of the fanbase. So when he died, a lot of the fans cried a painful tear. It is high time to bring this guy back Marvel. Make it happen!!!

 7. Star-Lord

Marvel Superheroes

Yeah, that’s right!! Phase 4 will see the return of the entire roster of the Guardians of the Galaxy. Star-Lord aka Chris Pratt is the heart and soul of his team. There are no Guardians without this guy. He might have committed grave mistakes in infinity War but he too has lost a lot in the due course of the MCU. So cut him some slack and let him in.

 8. Doctor Strange

dr. strange

“This was the only way.” Cryptic words they are!! And the guy who said it is called Doctor Strange. The Irony is killing me!! Doctor Strange came to the MCU in 2016 and has made quite the mark ever since. His last flick was in infinity War where he almost defeated the Mad Titan with the help of the Avengers and the Guardians. As he turned to ashes, most of the viewers were screaming at the top of their lung. But with Doctor Strange 2 already being planned, it is only a matter of time until he returns back to the screen.

 9. Shuri

Marvel Superheroes

She won millions of hearts and souls with her fabulous performance and killer looks in Black Panther. Letitia Wright is the perfect choice to play the sister of T’Challa, King of Wakanda. After T’Challa’s death at the end of Infinity War, it is only a matter of time before Shuri becomes the new Black Panther. Kevin Feige claims we will see “much more of her in the Marvel Universe.” If it is what we think it is, Shuri ain’t going nowhere.

 10. Black Panther

Did you really think the one true King of Wakanda would be given the pink slip by Marvel Studios that easily? Black Panther is one of Marvel Studios’ greatest hits, reaching the Billion dollar milestone at the Box Office in record time. T’Challa is coming back to his homeland in Black Panther 2, the story of which is currently under development by the same director who directed Black Panther. Get ready for more awesome!!

 11. Aunt May

Marvel Superheroes

May Parker is not going anywhere. She now knows her nephew is a freaking superhero and a part of the esteemed Avengers superhero team. She will be coming back in the sequel to Spiderman: Homecoming titled Spiderman: Far From Home. They are also saying that May Parker might be headed for a greater role than that what was offered to her in the first movie.

 12. Mysterio

This is a new entry to the list. Mysterio is not a character that was seen before in the MCU. Jake Gyllenhaal has been confirmed to be playing the supervillain on screen. Mysterio will be the primary villain in the movie Spiderman: Far From Home. There is not much in news about Mysterio floating around the internet lately other than the fact that he is there.

 13. Adrian Toomes

Marvel Superheroes

Adrain Toomes aka the Vulture was played by the legendary Michael Keaton in the MCU’s Spiderman: Homecoming. Never had an MCU villain been as relatable as Adrian Toomes when he first came to the big screens. Michael Keaton was imprisoned along with Mac Gargan aka the Scorpion after Spiderman caught both and handed them to the authorities. But the Good news is, unlike the other villains, Toomes isn’t dead so he has a high probability of returning in the homecoming sequel.

 14. Black Widow

A movie on Black Widow is already in production, or so they say. Although a Black Widow movie doesn’t make sense now since Black Widow has been a part of the MCU since so long and they only decided to make ScarJo the lead in 2018, it is still a good start. Black Widow will be a part of Phase 4 of the MCU. And you know what they say – Better Late than Never!!! Good going, Marvel.

 15. Captain Marvel

Marvel Superheroes

Brie Larson hasn’t even made it to the MCU officially and she is already making it to all the right headlines. Larson is Captain Marvel, the binary woman and arguably the strongest Avenger in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. If anyone could singlehandedly stop Thanos in his tracks, it is her. And she is just getting started.

 16. Eternals

The Eternals have only been passively mentioned in the MCU. They are a group of superhuman species that live on the planet Titan. They were the result of the Celestials, Giant Cosmic Gods, experimenting on humanity and trying to bring out the latent superpower aspect locked deep down in the human genome. Thanos belongs to this species. After DC announced a movie on New Gods, Marvel followed suit with development going on for a movie on the Eternals.

 17. Nova

Marvel Superheroes MCU Phase 4
Marvel Superheroes

After the introduction of Xandar and the Nova Corps as well as a character called Richard Rider in GOTG Vol. 1, it would be a crime if Marvel doesn’t introduce Nova to the MCU. Nova is a member of the intergalactic peacekeeping force based off of Xandar called the Nova Corps and Richard Rider happens to be its most popular member. Bring in the Nova Corps!!!

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