5 DC Superheroes Who Are Extremely Overrated

Superheroes can be great idols and inspirations, but some of them are just way over their heads. Be it their popularity making them ever stronger or the writers’ minds, whatever may be the case, these superheroes are just too overrated. Here’s the list:


Okay, Cyborg is half man half machine, this should somehow limit his powers. Even if he was built from an alien material. The dude seems to have absolutely no battery problems, moreover, whenever his mechanical thingy gives up, he is powered by his will. Creators, that’s not how machines work.

Green Lantern

Alright, Hal Jordan has a ring that allows him to conjure objects according to his will. He can create anything, fine. Anything that can even stop alien invasions? Dude, you are nowhere that smart or knowledgeable to know exactly what to create every fucking time. And using “Will” as an excuse for all he creates, no matter how way out of his league it might be is just too much.


Flash is another extremely overrated superhero. Okay, he can run really fast. What next? Why has this guy become a God? Be it running to the past or being able to do things like changing entire timelines, it looks like the creators went way over their heads to give this guy a great number of powers.


Okay, his parents died, he learned various martial arts, he has got great tech and has great intellect, how can he foresee everything though. How has he been able to defeat Gods, there are a lot many times that he could be taken down, but his saviors, his popularity makes him superhuman at times.



He is undoubtedly the most overrated character ever. Dude has every fucking power of the world. He is practically unkillable, and even after he was killed, it was told that he was just in a very deep sleep. Not just that his character too is a bit of an asshole, and just like Captain America, this dude is fit for a utopian world, not ours.

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