Why The Rolex Watch in Hawkeye Is So Important? Whose Identity Is It Hiding?

The newest episode of Hawkeye aired earlier today. Episode 4 brought us some of the most interesting moments that we have seen in the show. First of all, the cliffhanger from the previous episode dissipated faster than we could ever imagine. Then came the family time that sparkled us with all kinds of Christmassy feelings. Lastly, we got to see some action and intrigue. Along with the reveal that Jack is actually the one laundering money for the tracksuits. But the most interesting part of the episode was the Rolex watch. Why the Rolex watch in Hawkeye is so important? Whose identity is it hiding?

Let’s attempt to answer these jarring questions one at a time. The first bit of information we get about the watch is that it came from the Avengers compound. It was looted by the salvagers who came scurrying to the site of the Endgame battle and decided to desecrate the place with their malicious intentions. We wonder what they were thinking and how they sleep at night after doing such insensitive things. Regardless, the most interesting part of the loot was a Rolex.


When this watch was first shown in Episode 1 some fans misidentified it as a time travel watch or Tony’s watch. But episode 4 of Hawkeye clarifies the fact that this watch actually belongs to someone who is very close to Clint Barton. Hawkeye tells Kate that the watch belongs to someone who is very close to Clint and whose identity is connected to the watch. This person that he talks about is most likely a spy and probably connected to the Budapest mission.


The Rolex Watch in Hawkeye

The most interesting part of it is that we have no idea what is going on. Even though this episode was a bit lighter and slower it still had all those surprising elements to it. Especially when we got to see Elena busting onto the screen and targeting Clint for his misdeeds. Of course, fans must remember that Yelena tho is that Clint is the one who killed Black Widow. She has been misguided by Val and is on a path of gruesome revenge. It is her bloodlust that guides her now.


Regardless, things seem to have taken an interesting turn at the end of episode 4. The more we think about it the more questions we have. It seems obvious that the watch is extremely important. But who is Hawkeye trying to protect? Is it his wife? We think it could be his wife. The way that Laura shifted to German as soon as Clint started talking about the watch was extremely suspicious. The wife of Hawkeye seems to have some skeletons in her closet that this show is vying to unearth. It might be interesting to see what happens in the next episode. But there’s another person it could be protecting and that’s Nick Fury!

Fury staged his death in Captain America: The Winter Soldier. Since then, he had been in hiding and only came out of the shadows in Far From Home (it was a Skrull, but still). The world might still think that Fury is dead and the Bartons could be protecting him. He is someone those two would consider as a friend since he is the one who helped them set up their family house. So maybe the watch belongs to Fury, who is currently acting as the “Man on the wall.” This way, Hawkeye could be placing a set up for Secret Invasion.

Or maybe, the watch belongs to Old Man Cap and Hawkeye doesn’t want people to know that he’s still alive somewhere. I guess we’ll see.


The showrunners have claimed that the next episode will be the one that blows everyone’s minds. We wonder what kind of action-adventure does Marvel has in store for us. Starting from 2018 the MCU has continuously made things more and more interesting for us. We expect that this trend would continue all throughout Phase IV. But how will the watch reveal Laura’s secret past? This is something we still cannot wrap our heads around.


The Questions

Another interesting detail that does not make a whole lot of sense is why are the tracksuits so interested in the watch. Why would Maya or her boss want the watch? Even if it belongs to an old Russian spy it will not help the tracksuits achieve anything. Unless, of course, there is something more to the watch than meets the eye. The Rolex watch may enable the kingpin to find a person who can get him something of real value. Maybe something like the Russian super-soldier formula.


Rolex watch in Hawkeye

We think this is a more plausible theory than just plain old revenge. With the next episode of Hawkeye, a lot of new forces will start playing into the grand narrative of the show. This means that our small tv universe is about to expand to proportions unprecedented. Let us know what you think about our speculation down in the comments below and keep watching this space for everything Marvel, DC, and Hollywood. Excelsior!!!

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