Here’s Why Cable Is Important For The X-Men Franchise

The casting of Cable for Deadpool 2 was one of the biggest topics earlier this year. The pursuit of the perfect actor was well documented, becoming a red-hot part that every actor seemed to covet. Josh Brolin was finally the actor which the studio chose, and they seemed pretty content with their choice. Brolin has already proven himself to be more than capable, having played Jonah Hex and Thanos in the MCU.


The inclusion of Cable also gives Fox a huge new opportunity to change the dynamics of the X-Men franchise. Deadpool may have shattered the glass ceiling on what a superhero movie should be about, including Cable may be the character to take the studio into a new phase in the franchise.

X-Men movies producer Hutch Parker recently sat down with ScreenRant to discuss the release of the Logan DVD, but the producer was not shy to voice his opinion about Cable’s significance:

“Well as you know, it’s kind of implicit in your question, it just opens a whole series of doors. I think that was part of what was so exciting of adding him to the mix is, not only what he brings as a character – and I think what I think Brolin will bring to the part, which I think was just brilliant casting – but it expands the landscape again and gives us more flexibility and opportunity which is one of the ways we can keep this franchise feeling vibrant and exciting and fresh – by introducing elements that are exciting and dynamic and different.”


In the comics, Cable is the son of Jean Grey and Scott Summers. He hails from a future timeline and has the ability to time travel. This is how he meets Deadpool and in the process team up with the hero. Cable is also responsible for putting together The X-Force who are a more militant, more R-rated version of the X-Men. The inclusion of Cable has led fans to speculate what the direction of the sequel will be.

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