New Fan Theory States Captain Marvel Is Not Where Fans Think She Is

Captain Marvel – the woman who is thought to be the strongest superhero ever once she graces the MCU. She has been rumored to be so powerful that she can literally move planets!! That is not something we are assuming. Brie Larson used those very words herself in an interview.

Thor is powerful but he has no chance against the Binary Woman. The Marvel Cinematic Universe is about to get a lot bigger. But the question that remains is – where was Captain Marvel all this time? And where is she now?

Many theories have sprung up to explain the actual whereabouts of the strongest Marvel superhero. And if you think you know the answer, we are here to burst your bubble. 

Many fans had many theories to prove her current location to the whole world. When Iron Man 2 happened, Captain Marvel wasn’t there. When Loki and the Chitauri Invasion of New York happened, Captain Marvel was nowhere to be found.

When Ultron ransacked Sokovia, she was still absent. And when Thanos came for the universal reckoning, we still couldn’t get a glimpse of her. Captain Marvel had to be a part of the action. She is, after all, the most powerful superhero of the MCU. So why didn’t she come to save the Earth when the planet needed her the most?

Maybe she was someplace else? Among the most prominent fan theories, the one that made the most sense was:

Captain Marvel is in the Quantum Realm:

With Ant-Man and The Wasp movie already in theatres, the concept of the Quantum Realm is no longer a stranger to the Marvel fans. As a reservoir of untapped energy where time and space converge to form a nexus of weirdly twisted realities, the Quantum Realm is as mysterious as it could ever be.

Believe it or not, the Quantum Realm has been explored up to a measure that could be compared to the tip of the iceberg in the sequel to Ant-Man. It has a lot of story elements that the Captain Marvel movie could be using in the future.

The prevailing theory is that Captain Marvel is within the Quantum Realm. She somehow got into the realm and was trapped within it as the chaos of Thanos unfolded in the Infinity War. Maybe that is why she could not come to the heroes’ aid in Wakanda.

Captain Marvel is closely connected to the Kree in the comic books, an alien race that has been known to experiment with Quantum energy in the past. Captain Marvel’s newfound powers might use the vast and immense quantum realm as an energy source.

Quasar, a superhero who uses the powerful Nega Bands (a Kree Artifact that can tip into the Quantum Realm) could be a good example. Maybe Carol Danvers used her powers so much that she got herself sucked into the twisted reality?

We think the theory is too unrealistic to be true. We have another one.

Captain Marvel is in Outer Space:

Captain Marvel

It is an entirely plausible theory. Captain Marvel couldn’t make it to Infinity War as she headed to outer space at the end of her movie, which is actually set before the events of The Avengers of 2012. Peter Quill is not the only human being in outer space.

Remember that the Kree and the Xandarians are said to have agreed to a pact during the beginning of GOTG Vol. 1. But why would the Kree agree to a peace treaty when they were already winning? Maybe because the Xandarians had Captain Marvel to aid them in the front lines!!

And that is why Fury paged her only when he knew there was no other option. He did not want to disturb a woman who is trying to keep peace between two warring intergalactic empires. Nick Fury wanted Marvel to come back as it was high time. Marvel was in Outer Space then. After the message, she must be zooming back to planet Earth as we speak.

Captain Marvel releases on 8th March 2019.

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