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The Rotten Tomatoes Score of The Batman Makes It The Second Batman Movie

The release date for The Batman is almost here and the hype is at its peak. Based on the very first reviews for the movie, fans can be sure that the movie is going to be an absolute blast for a Batman story. It hasn’t received a lot of reviews yet considering the movie hasn’t come out for the wider audience yet and it has only had its limited preview. There was a lot of wonder about how Matt Reeves would be taking this reboot and it seems that the movie has done really. With an 88% score in Rotten Tomatoes, The Batman has taken the mantle for the second-best Batman live-action interpretation.

Rotten Tomatoes Score of The Batman

With 169 reviews, the movie has managed to earn a score of 88% Fresh on Rotten Tomatoes. This is right behind Christopher Nolan’s The Dark Knight which has a score of 94% Fresh and is known as the best movie when it comes to the caped crusader. Other entries include The Dark Knight Rises with a score of 87% Fresh and the very first of the Christopher Nolan reboot Batman Begins with an 84% Fresh score. These numbers clearly indicate a lot better than the Snyderverse movies that included Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice which only managed to earn a 29% Rotten score.


Reviews For The Batman Roll In

Rotten Tomatoes Score of The Batman

Variety‘s Jazz Tangcay is really impressed with Paul Dano’s performance along with the cinematography of the movie. She said:

#TheBatman is a dark and thrilling ride through Gotham City, and can’t stop thinking about Paul Dano’s performance. Greig Fraser shines with that stunning cinematography in #TheBatman. His work here is breathtaking. Michael Giacchino has delivered his finest score to date.


ComicBook‘s Chris Killian feels that the movie feels like the grounded narratives from the graphic novels brought to life. He says:

#TheBatman is like a living, breathing graphic novel come to life.

It’s grounded in realism like the Nolan films yet drenched with a neo-noir pulp that captures the comic book vibe of Batman better than anything since the animated series. Matt Reeves understands Bats.

Scott Menzel, Vice-Chair for Sunset Awards stated that the movie is a grounded narrative for the caped crusader. The verdict went:

The Batman is unlike any other Batman film before it. The plot is grounded in reality, even more so than Nolan’s Dark Knight trilogy.

#TheBatman is more of a detective story rather than a superhero film. The cast is v. good with Colin Ferrell & Paul Dano being the film’s MVPs.


Midwest Film Journal‘s Evan Dossey seems to have had a comparatively poor reception for the movie. According to him,

Say what you will about the Snyderverse, but at least it was a ballsy – if kind of insane – approach to the character. The overriding question I have when contemplating this disappointing dirge of a movie: For whom, precisely, was it even made? It lacks grace, it lacks romance, it lacks the shiny sheen of novelty.


Editor-in-Chief of Ace Awards, Erick Weber stated that the movie is definitely amongst the best Comic book movies by stating,

Cinema of a spectacular order, #TheBatman’s the most artistically stunning CBM ever made, Matt Reeves wows with a sprawling detective tale showcasing the magnificence of Greig Fraser, bathing Gotham in an amber glow, Robert Pattinson owns the brooding Batman, WB has a winner—9.5


Flick Direct‘s Allison Rose praised both the director and the actor. According to the verdict,

Die Hard Batman fans may be skeptical about Pattinson, but he does an excellent job as the caped crusader; less so as Bruce Wayne but luckily, we see more of the former than the latter. The dark and twisted nature of the story, combined with Reeves Direction and Pattinson’s interpretation makes this Batman movie one that will appeal to the masses while paying homage to the spirit of the vigilante dressed like a bat.


Rotten Tomatoes Score of The Batman

ComicBook‘s Brandon Davis was all praises for Matt Reeves take on the role by stating,

#TheBatman is a visceral, good movie. Matt Reeves mashes several Batman stories into a raw, real take for an epic detective noir. An impressive, lengthy cinematic journey.Brilliant visuals. Repetitive, revolving door of locations. Tremendous music from Michael Giacchino.

Steven Weintraub from Collider absolutely enjoyed the movie and stated,

absolutely **loved** @mattreevesLA #TheBatman. Reeves has crafted an amazing film that happens to star Batman. The filmmaking on display from all departments is brilliant. @GreigFraser_dp cinematographer + @m_giacchino score + James Chinlund’s production design is superb.


The Wrap‘s Umberto Gonzales claims that the movie pays proper attention to the detective aspects of the character. He said,

Matt Reeves #TheBatman FINALLY gives us the most comic accurate portrayal of the DARK KNIGHT DETECTIVE in film. The movie to me is an homage to the great Batman writers like Denny O’Neil, Frank Miller, and Jeph Loeb. Pattinson did the homework and delivered. #TheBatmanMovie.

Perri Nemiroff from Collider felt the movie was beyond her expectations according to her verdict,

#TheBatman far exceeded my expectations, even as a long-time fan of Matt Reeves. LOTS to love like how specific this Batman feels to Pattinson. But my favorite 2 things about this film? Riddler’s horror vibes & Greig Fraser’s cinematography.


We will get to witness some exciting spinoff projects from the movie soon. According to director Matt Reeves has indicated that there are already talks about a sequel with Warner Bros. It would make sense considering the reactions clearly suggest the movie is successful. We can expect to get a proper confirmation regarding the sequel pretty soon. The Batman will be released in theaters on March 4.

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