Guardians of The Galaxy – James Gunn Confirms A Major Easter Egg About Star-Lord & Mantis

Guardians of the Galaxy is James Gunn’s little offspring which has now grown faster than Groot and become a household name. Both the Guardians movies have been extremely successful at the box office and with the critics alike. Fans have loved this group of misfits and outlaws that have now had major impacts on the plot of Infinity War as well. While people may not be Star Lord’s fans for now, he still is one of the big characters in the MCU and will be leading his team to another space adventure in Vol. 3 after matters with Thanos are solved.

Guardians of the Galaxy
Guardians of the Galaxy

Guardians of the Galaxy is the franchise that has really explored the cosmos of the MCU apart from the Thor franchise. It laid the seeds for Thanos to arrive along with other movies. Almost all the Guardians except may be Rocket and Drax had big significant roles in Infinity War, as they impacted the plot to a huge extent. Guardians of the Galaxy is probably the most important franchise for the MCU as thing might have just fallen apart if it wasn’t for Gunn and his gang of outlaws. Infinity War may not have been possible or could have been way different and probably unlikable if the Guardians were not brought into this shared Universe.

Guardians of the Galaxy
Guardians of the Galaxy

People may not like solo spin-offs of these characters as they would not work alone, but as a team, they are pretty formidable and not only do we love them all as a unit, they are probably one of the most strongest Superhero teams to ever exist. This group of oddballs is full of really powerful characters that can take on any Superhero team and even the Justice League! What is really good about these characters is that they are interrelated to one another and share a bond that no other team does.

Guardians of the Galaxy

If you think about it, Groot and Rocket cannot be seen apart, Star-Lord and Gamora are lovers, Gamora and Nebula are sisters, Yondu was Quill’s “Daddy”, Drax and Mantis have formed a sort of pair that will probably develop in Vol.3. Mantis is the only one who is not properly bonded well with others but that is going to change as well. A hawkeyed fan was able to spot something which we may not have noticed till now in Vol. 2. When Ego was explaining Quill and the other Guardians about what his intentions are and where he came from, he showed them that he mated with people of other planets as well and one of those people/aliens actually look like Mantis. Here have a look:

So as we can see here, that Ego did have a relationship with one of the females from Mantis’ species. This could very well mean that Mantis is his true born and she may be half-sister of Star-Lord as well. Ego may have been hiding this information from Mantis throughout her life in order to have his dominance upon her and keep her as a slave.

So, this could give us another way in which the Guardians are connected to one another sharing a special bond. James Gunn is a very responsive director, and he gets involved in Q&As with his fans on a regular basis. If he does find something that meets the eye, he does not hold back from replying. Well, spotting this Easter Egg has been no different.

James Gunn took to Instagram and confirmed the above Easter Egg that has been spotted. But he has neither confirmed nor properly denied the inferences we have taken out from the Easter Egg. Here’s what he wrote on his Instagram post:

“Many of you have writing me about a discovered Easter egg in [Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2], where Ego apparently seems to have been with a female of Mantis’ species. Yes, I can confirm this is correct. However, you don’t necessarily need to infer anything else from this information. Whatever the case, good find!”  

Well, he may be saving it as a reveal for the future movies as this may take an important story arc in further character development for the Guardians, but looking at his comment we it may be possible that we are over thinking, and Mantis was just someone that Ego picked up after his time on her planet. [Just like Thanos picked up Gamora]

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Nothing is official until it happens in the movie, so this is mere hearsay and should be taken as a grain of Salt. Guardians Vol. 3 will come out in 2020.

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