Black Widow – Who Among Natasha’s Family Will Betray Her?

Who Among Natasha’s Family Will Betray Her:

The Black Widow trailer proved why Marvel is a well-oiled machine run by marketing geniuses. This new trailer was just perfect. We got to see enough footage to get hyped for Phase 4 of the MCU, but the trailer didn’t reveal so much and that was the best part about it. Another great aspect of the trailer was the way the background score was blended with the footage that was part espionage thriller & part superhero spectacle. The one thing that the trailer did well revealed Natasha’s old family while still keeping the main focus on her.

Who Among Natasha’s Family Will Betray Her

So far we’ve seen very little footage to actually predict the plot twists in the film. But there’s one little twist that everyone would agree on – Someone, if not all of the old family members of Natasha will end up betraying her. Taskmaster probably won’t be the main villain of the story. Yes he’d be the one to take on Natasha Romanoff and will have his own goals, but someone close to Nat will either be pulling his strings or be his ally. Let’s analyze all three characters from the family and try to figure out who could be the one to betray Nat.

Yelena Belova


We finally get to see Florence Pugh’s Yelena Belova in action. For those who don’t know, Yelena Belova is the 2nd character to be called Black Widow. She is very competitive and as the trailer revealed, she & Natasha used to be sisters who get reacquainted in the most Marvel way! Looking at their fighting styles we can figure that they were trained in the same Red Room program.

Blonde in Infinity War

After their fight ends, they get together probably to go and end the Red Room program. It’s clear that old sisters have to stick together once again. But will Yelena betray Natasha? She probably could, but it wouldn’t be a good tale to tell since she & Nat will get back on the same page after their fight. So, making her the villain again wouldn’t be as amazing.

Red Guardian

Natasha’s Family

Red Guardian was the husband of Black Widow in the comics, but here things have been changed for the better. He seems to be a father figure for Natasha here. It would have been a really cool twist to see him turn out to be the main villain behind Taskmaster. That would’ve led to a cool final fight between Natasha & her father figure Alexei aka Red Guardian. But this trailer has ended those suspicions as Red Guardian was seen taking on Taskmaster in the trailer. So again, it won’t be great to see him be the betrayer of Natasha now that we’ve seen him fight for death against Taskmaster.

Melina Vostakoff

General Ross

Rachel Weisz’s Melina is by far the most mysterious character of the three. Melina goes on to become the Iron Maiden in the comics, and we can be sure that Rachel Weisz, an Oscar winner will be getting a small role in the movie. The trailers have shown that she clearly is attached to the Red Room program and a lot of people are suspicious of her character.

Natasha’s Family

So far from what we know, it is O.T. Fagbenle who is behind Taskmaster’s mask. But some people actually think that it could be Melina who is the real Taskmaster. Whether or not she is the Taskmaster is yet unknown. But yes, she does have the biggest bull’s eye on her back as far as our suspicion goes.

Why Natasha Goes

It is a spy thriller movie on top of a Superhero film. So someone betraying the protagonist will certainly add more weight to the story. That’s why we’re pushing the idea of a mole in Black Widow’s family. But yes, another possibility is that all three members of Nat’s old family could be in on double-crossing her. They could be having some kind of grudge with her since she got out of the Red Room program. But then again, we can’t be sure. We’ll have to wait and see who this Bad guy is. Black Widow comes out on May 1, 2020.

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