This Deadpool 2 Theory Claims Cable Is Actually Wolverine of The Future Timeline!!!

The peculiar thing about Deadpool 2 is that it has no bad guys. We all thought Cable was going to be the unwitting villain in all the fiasco but he ended up helping Deadpool in the movie’s climax. The origins of Cable are shrouded in mystery. There is absolutely nothing we know about Cable apart from the fact that he is from a dystopian future and his family was killed by a future, evil version of Russell. But wait, there might me more than what meets the eye here!! There is a new fan theory in town. And if it is true, it will completely change the way we view the Deadpool franchise. This Deadpool 2 Theory claims Cable is actually Wolverine of the Future Timeline!!!

SPOILER ALERT: MAJOR Spoilers for Deadpool 2 up ahead. Enter at your own risk.

Josh Brolin is on a roll this year. After playing the malevolent Thanos in infinity War and winning our hearts and souls with his terrific portrayal of the Mad Titan, he wowed us yet again when he played another Major Marvel character as the grumpy and the man with an attitude – Cable of the X-Force form Marvel Comics. But if rumors are to be trusted, the Cable you see on screen played by Josh Brolin is not what he seems to be. In fact, he is actually a future, older version of the Wolverine.

Sounds ludicrous, right?? Trust us, the pieces of the puzzle are too in place to ignore. Josh Brolin was one of the primary choices to play Wolverine after Hugh Jackman hung the claws at the end of Logan (2017). The version of Wolverine Josh Brolin is reported to be playing is not the same as Hugh Jackman’s Logan but a different version that hails from a dystopian future timeline. Even the comics hold proof. There is indeed a comic book arc that adds weight to the Cable-Wolverine theory. Here’s why we think the theory might indeed be true!!!

In the Comics, Cable was actually the future version of Wolverine

Even in the Marvel Comic book pages, Cable was actually the future version of the adamantium-clawed mutant. In the Ultimates Universe, this version of the Cable-Wolverine existed. The Ultimates Universe has been the primary inspiration for most of the MCU and the X-Men movies, mostly Deadpool, and so we are forced to assume that this version of Cable actually resonates wore with Brolin’s character in the movie than the Madelyne Pryor-Scott Summers’ son version of the character.

In the comics, the Cable-Wolverine of the future rarely uses his claws, relies on his knowledge of future events, uses high tech weaponry, has a dark sense of humor and sometimes opens up to reveal the personal loss he had witnessed at the hands of his enemies including the death of his wife and child. Sound familiar much?

The Deadpool 2 version of Cable is too damn weak to be the real Cable

Many don’t know but Cable is actually an Omega Level Mutant in the comic books, meaning he has almost godlike abilities. His telekinesis can shatter entire cities, his telepathy can mentally cripple even the staunchest of telepaths and he could form psionic shields that could take hits from even cosmic beings. He can also glimpse into the future and had the power to sense mutants and identify their abilities. When merged with the techno-organic virus, Cable had superhuman physical attributes of strength (he could lift tons of weight) and speed (faster than Quicksilver). He also had tremendous technopathic powers and could control multiple machines simultaneously. The techno-organic virus also made his body extremely durable.

We see none of those powers in Deadpool 2.

The version of Cable we see in Deadpool 2 is shorter (something Deadpool repeatedly makes fun of), and has no abilities from the techno-organic virus that infected half his body. His stature is much similar to Wolverine and the other aspects of Brolin’s Cable make him similar to the latter. The movie version of Cable relies on technology, his martial arts prowess, upgraded firearms and increased strength and durability derived from the his arms and legs that look more like prosthetics. In short, the movie version of Cable is weaker and much more in line with the Ultimates version of the Cable-Wolverine.

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Does it mean there is still a chance for a different version of the Wolverine to enter the X-Men franchise? IOs Fox planning on replacing Hugh Jackman? After playing Thanos and Cable, is Josh Brolin all set to play yet another Major Marvel character?

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