Disney Giving Avengers: Infinity War A Rare Extension To Push To $2 Billion

Avengers: Infinity War is the biggest movie of this year and it has made history at the box office. Disney and Marvel have broken so many records with this movie and the lust for more continues. Even though the movie did not get a 90% score on Rotten Tomatoes, it still had no effect what so ever on the box office. And with the pace this movie is going with, there is nothing that could slow it down.

The movie has made major competitors suffer and it is still going strong in the theatres. Even after having stiff competition from the likes of Deadpool 2 and Solo: A Star Wars Story, it hasn’t dropped completely when it comes to the weekly earnings, rather those two movies have been affected by Infinity War. Deadpool 2 grosses lower than what was projected for the opening weekend and Solo suffered the most in this scenario as it only managed to bring in average earnings which were way too low than what was projected.

Infinity War currently stands at $646 Million at the US Box Office, and it has grossed a mammoth total of $1.969 Billion worldwide. The pace of the earnings has slowed down a bit, but it is still expected to break that $2 Billion mark in the next 2 months or so. Well, to ensure that the movie does crack that big number and become the fourth movie to do so, Disney is playing all its cards.

The movie is getting a rare extension of a whole month in China. The Chinese market is a miss and hit for MCU movies, but the track record in China says that the solo Superhero movies do not do as well as the team up movies do on a usual basis. Black Panther was huge throughout the world and especially at the Domestic Box Office, but it did not make a big impression in China. Age of Ultron, on the other hand, was huge with the Chinese market.

Infinity War has become the Highest grossing Superhero movie in China and obviously throughout the world as we. It has grossed $360 Million in China till now and it will get an extra month’s extension in the Chinese theatres with the goal of pushing the movie over $2 Billion. Infinity War is the third movie to get this rare extension and the first MCU movie to have ever gotten the opportunity as the previous movies to enjoy a similar treatment were Coco and Zootopia.

This extension may or may not turn out to be the factor that takes Infinity War over $2 Billion, but it will surely help to do so. With even bigger competition coming in the next two weeks with The Incredibles 2 and Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom, Infinity War will surely need this extra time.

Other countries and US will surely help the movie to achieve this feat. Once the movie crosses the $2 Billion mark, all eyes will turn to Star Wars: The Force Awakens. Episode VII stands at $2.068 Billion, and Disney would surely be looking to beat this record by any means necessary. Infinity War does have time in its hands but the competition which now arrives with the above-mentioned movies would significantly slow Infinity War down even more.

Avengers: Infinity War
Avengers: Infinity War

In 41 days of its release, Black Panther stood at $637 Million at the Domestic Box Office, and when it’s run in the theatres finally ended, the movie stands at $699 Million in US. So with Infinity War at $646 Million, we could assume that it will probably cross Black Panther at the domestic Box Office, which means that the movie will get in around $50 Million. That would bring the movie to $2 Billion, but to beat Star Wars The Force Awakes, the movie will have to bring in extra 60 Million from around the world.

Avengers: Infinity War
Avengers: Infinity War

A news that has caught the eye of everyone has been about a fan who saw Avengers: Infinity War more than 40 times at the theatres. People like this fan are required to do stuff like this in order to push the movie over $2 Billion and Star Wars Episode VII. Even if Infinity War does not beat Episode VII world-wide, it still broke the record of Episode VII for the opening weekend bringing in $257 Million in the first 3 days at the US Box Office.

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Infinity War is currently playing in the theatres and we hope that the movie crosses Star Wars The Force Awakes as well.

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