The DC Universe Now Has A Third Flash Who Is Pure Evil!

The Flash surely comes amongst the biggest DC characters and in the recent days, he is surely amongst the Top 3 most popular characters taking down the ratings of Superman amongst the audiences. The CW TV series of the titular Superhero has given a huge boost to the hero, and now normal audiences probably more about the hero than many comic book nerds. Barry Allen has risen to popularity amongst everyone, and along with the show at CW, even the comic books of The Flash are still interesting and keep pulling off some big thrills from time to time.

While there have been many speedsters in the comics and on the show, we mostly get to see just two individuals keeping the mantle of The Flash. Barry Allen is the version most commonly known as The Flash, while Wally West is Kid Flash. We also know another character who is also called the Flash but that should not really count as he is from a different Earth altogether. Yes, I am talking about Jay Garrick who is the Flash on a different Earth. No other Speedster is specifically called the Flash except for Barry’s grandson Bart Allen, who is popularly known as Impulse.

Well, there has been a big change in the ‘Flash’ title as ever since DC’s Rebirth #1, the title of Flash has been shared equally between Barry Allen and his former sidekick Wally West who was previously called Kid-Flash. In the recent times, the readers have been reading the “Flash War” arc where Wally and Barry are at odds having a huge feud that has led to a huge shift in the state of all things speedster. 

This feud has led to the birth of a new Flash who is not a hero like Barry and Wally. He is a much older, experienced and a pure evil figure from the past of Wally West, Zoom. Hunter Zolomon aka Zoom drew Wally to the future which actually began the Flash War arc because Barry was against it. Wally still went anyway and then Zoom gave him back the memories of his children, Irey and Jai, and told him that they were trapped inside the Speed Force. In order to get his children back, Wally would have to break the Speed Force which he almost accomplishes in The Flash #49.

Well, Wally does not actually break the Speed Force, but he does break the Force Barrier. Since we know that any advice given by a villain does not board well for the heroes, this one is given by Zoom also did not bring back the children of Wally. It, however, transforms Hunter Zolomon into the True Flash giving him a whole lot of new powers that even Wally and Barry don’t have.

Zoom (Flash) is not just Superfast, but he also has the Saga Force and the Strength Force at his command which give him telekinetic powers and Superhuman strength. With all these powers, Hunter wants to change his tragic past and give himself the “life he deserves”, and he believes that he will surely be much better Barry Allen than the two Flashes we know for now. Still, we do know that he is the ultimate villain and become the True Flash will only be beneficial for him and no one else.

We do know that Hunter’s stint as the Flash is not going to last longer, but the big mystery is that how will the two Flashes will join forces and take down this monster posing as the guy who saves the day. Well, The Flash #49 did not just reveal Zoom as the new Flash. The feud between Barry and Wally ended up proving the fact that who exactly is the fastest man alive when it comes to a matchup against Superman.

Barry Allen and Wally West engaged in a high-speed chase that threatens to destroy the Earth in the latest edition of The Flash #49. Their hustle brings about shockwaves through The Speed Force that starts to affect the real world. In order to stop all this and prevent Amanda Waller and ARGUS from enacting a lethal sanction against them, the Teen Titans and the Justice League step in to halt the two Speedsters.

So as we all would expect, the Man of Steel tried to step into the action as he flew after the two speedsters, but to the big surprise for everyone, he returned to his allies and the ARGUS group out of breath and panting, having to take a moment to compose himself before he can speak. For the very first time, we got to see Sups in a mess with his face all flushed and sweaty and his hair disheveled as he mentioned that he was unable to get close enough to The Flashes for them to hear him and admits that he couldn’t catch up to them.

The Flash #49 turns out to be a big event that gives out two big reveals, which are that third Flash in the DC Universe, and the fact that the two Flashes are way faster than Sups.

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