4 Times Leonardo DiCaprio Almost Played A Comic-Book Character

The Oscar-winning actor, Leonardo Dicaprio, seemed to be a choice of everyone to play a comic-book character in superhero movies. And we think he should don a comic character. As he has never played any comic character, it would be hard to tell whether he would be evil or good. Dicaprio earlier said that he might play any comic-book charter in future. In a report by The Geek Twins, he said: “You never know. They’re getting better and better as far as complex characters in these movies. I haven’t yet. But no, I don’t rule out anything.”

We bring you four comic-book characters that Leonardo DiCaprio almost played.

1. Robin – Batman Forever(1995)

Leonardo Dicaprio

Dicaprio almost donned the role of Batman’s sidekick, Robin. He was shortlisted by director Joel Schumacher for the role, but he didn’t appear for the screen-test. After meeting Schumacher, Dicaprio said in the report: “I don’t think I was ready for anything like that.

The role went to Chris O’Donnell and he starred in that film, and the sequel Batman and Robin, which became the most important superhero movie ever.”

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