Cyttorak vs Thanos: Here’s Why Mad Titan Is Going Down!

The Marvel Comics is filled with mysterious villains of immense power. These beings not only ooze with strength and energy, they have the caliber to back it up with their incredible presence and might. Gods, Demi-Gods, Cosmic entities, Abstract entities – the Marvel Universe is filled with them. Cyttorak vs Thanos- Thanos is one such being that falls under this category. The Mad Titan has achieved literal Godhood more than once in the comic books. If you think only the Infinity Gauntlet made him into one, you are dead wrong. Thanos, with or without objects of powers like the Gauntlet or the Cosmic Cube, is still someone, not even the gods would dare mess around with.

Cyttorak vs Thanos

Who could challenge the Purple freak’s claim to the most supreme being of the universe? Why a primordial entity that represents the infinite supernatural energy of course!!! Cyttorak is a fairly unknown being outside the Marvel Comics that the casual Marvel movie lovers have no idea about. Only he alone has the power to challenge Thanos to a battle to the death. But if a fight does happen then who would win?? Presenting Cyttorak vs Thanos – Which Cosmic Heavyweight will win this battle?!?!?


Cyttorak vs Thanos
Cyttorak vs Thanos

The Mad Titan needs no introduction. For simplicity’s sake, let us take the movie version into account and not the comic book counterpart of this guy. Thanos is the last known survivor of a powerful and highly advanced group of beings called the Eternals from the planet Titan. He has the strength to rival that of the Incredible Hulk and beat him to a pulp in a one on one fight!!

Infinity War Infinity gauntlet

He has the intellectual mettle to plan years and years ahead of an actual battle and his ability to influence things behind the shadows is legendary. He has a genius level intellect and commands a huge and strong army that lives and dies by his words. Even without the Gauntlet, Thanos is a force to be reckoned with. When he wears the Gauntlet, he becomes a God in every sense.


Cyttorak vs Thanos

The reason we chose Cyttorak and no other entity is pretty simple. Cyttorak is not as much a living being as it is a living, breathing force of nature and we mean it in a literal way. Cyttorak represents magical energy and he is one of the forces that power Doctor Strange and his magical might as the Sorcerer Supreme of Earth. In terms of raw magical power, he is greater and stronger than Agamotto and Vishanti.

Cyttorak has many aspects. His most well known aspects are that of an entity that looks like a benevolent God, which he prefers and the other aspect shows him in the form of a demon, which is the version that powers Juggernaut. That’s right!! Juggernaut is an Avatar of Cyttorak. Cyttorak is the ruler of his own dimension called the Crimson Cosmos. In there, he has absolute control over everything, even life and death.

Final Fight – Cyttorak vs Thanos

Cyttorak vs Thanos
Cyttorak vs Thanos

This fight might be a close call. But for whom is the million dollar question. On one hand, we have Cyttorak, a being that is so powerful even other cosmic entities like Dormammu and Zom fear him. Dormammu has, on more than one occasions, even called upon Cyttotrak to lend him strength mid-battle. That is how powerful this guy is. Then on the other hand, we have Thanos the Mad Titan. Thanos is not just any villain. He is THE villain. When you pit this guy against Cyttorak and allow the former to wield the Infinity Gauntlet, be sure that the battle will be an interesting one to watch.

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So?!?! Who will it be??? Who will win this match!!!

It is Cyttorak!! Sadly, Thanos will lose this one without a doubt. Want to know why? The Infinity Gauntlet is why. You see Thanos can only control aspects of the Marvel Universe. The Infinity Stones lose their power in other dimensions. They are as good as harmless in the Crimson Cosmos, the dimension Cyttorak rules over and can tear open a portal into and force Thanos through it. Once Thanos is pulled into the Crimson Cosmos, this fight is over before it even began. You may be a purple headed megalomaniac that gives the guys like the Avengers the chills but if you go up against a cosmic force of nature that is feared by the Vishanti themselves, better be prepared to be annihilated!!!

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