10 Insane Doctor Strange Powers And Abilities Fans Are Unaware of

The Doctor Strange movie brought to life the Sorcerer Supreme of the Marvel Universe with the face of Benedict Cumberbatch. It was the best possible introduction we could ever get and it was certainly a great Superhero origin story. We got to see Stephen Strange’s great mystical abilities and Infinity War will explore even more. One of the great Doctor Strange powers we got to see in Thor: Ragnarok was the infinite supply of Beer that Strange can produce. Here are some other abilities of Doctor Strange that we have not seen just yet.



Doctor Strange has banished many evil creatures to the other dimension in the comics, and he regularly depends upon this ability. But, there is a limit to this as Strange could only banish people to the other dimension if his magic is much stronger than the one he is banishing. Otherwise, it would not be of any use.

Mystic Bolts

doctor strange powers

Well, we have seen Strange form Mystic Shields in his solo movie, and he even has those on in Infinity War as well, but these are usually used by Strange for defending himself. In the comics, he has also mastered forming Mystic Bolts which are a great asset in his mystical armory. Along with them, he also uses magical Energy Blasts.


Well, usually the Cloak of Levitation allows Strange to fly, but the fact unknown to most people is that he can also fly using his own magic without the cape. But using his mystical ability will allow his energy and concentration to put into flying, so using the cape allows him to be more effective.


Well considering Strange has mystical abilities, this ability would not be a big surprise to the readers. With Magic, one can imagine that transmutation could occur, which means that Strange has the ability to change the state of anything or anyone to other forms. This could come in really handy during a battle.

Dimension Travel

We know that Strange can manipulate and even travel back and forth in time using the Eye of Agamotto which contains the Time Stone. But he also has the ability to travel in different Dimensions, be it the Dark Dimension, or the mirror dimension, or even through the second third and the fourth dimensions.

Conjuring of Objects and Illusions

Doctor Strange is able to perform magical spells on other objects. He is able to transport an object from one place to another, and he can even lure others into illusions using his conjuring abilities. Using the illusions, Strange can make others see what they fear and he has even used this ability effectively on Galactus once.

Universal Awareness

By Meditation and magic, Strange gets the universal awareness and the sense of anomalies in time and space, which allow him to protect Earth from Extra-terrestrial and even Extra-Dimensional attacks. This is how he has been able to sense where even the Power Stone and the Reality Stones are in the MCU.

Telepathy & Telekinesis

doctor strange powers

These two abilities are what everyone expects a magician to have. Well, Strange can use his energy to lift objects with his magic, but the weight of those objects is limited to how strong Strange’s magic is. But, Telepathy is a much harder ability to possess for anyone who was not gifted with it. But, Strange has mastered this ability as well. In the comics, Strange uses Telepathy on numerous occasions.

Intangibility and Astral Projection

doctor strange powers

Well we have seen Doctor Strange enter the Astral Plane where his spirit leaves his body and becomes intangible, being able to travel anywhere he wants. But Doctor Strange also has the ability to make his body intangible and almost invisible. This ability allows him to phase through objects or lets objects go through him like Vision does.


To achieve this feat, Strange actually had to go through the most difficult part any individual has to go through in their life, which is dying. By dying, he came into conflict with ‘Death’ and this allowed him to lose the fear of death itself. Once, an individual loses the fear of Death, he or she becomes immortal and stops aging. So this is a case of immortality in which Strange can surely die if he gets wounded in battle, but if his life goes fine and he is able to resist any sort of wounds, he will surely not age and will have the ability to live through eternity.

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Other abilities that we know Strange possesses and that Strange has shown on the big screen are manipulation of time, teleportation by opening portals acting as gateways, and casting various other spells using divine energy.

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