10 Actors Who Were Thought To Be Trash For Superhero Roles, But Came In Hot

There are a lot of actors who were thought of being unsuitable for superhero roles but came out to be pretty good. Here is a list of them:

Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman

Gal Gadot, when a child wanted to be a choreographer. She later won the beauty pageant and went into modeling, after that she served in the military for two years. While pursuing law and international relations from the University she got a role from the casting director of Quantum Of Solace. She said in an interview,” I thought I was too serious and smart to be an actress.” The actress was initially hauled for her skinny look and somewhat because of her accent, but the actress truly did a fantastic job playing Wonder Woman and her performance was loved by everyone.

Ben Affleck as Batman

There have been a lot of issues with the DCEU, so much so that when people were told that Ben Affleck would be playing the part, he was hated a bit by the Christan Bale fans, but then their perception too changed and now, almost in everyone’s minds Affleck truly is a great Batman. The actor looks like the role and not just that, his acting as well as way of talking and just being Batman is so amazing that people just feel that he was meant to do the role, and boy we sure love him.

Vin Diesel as Groot

Vin Diesel has a very macho and a leader-ish image, thanks to his character in the Fast and Furious films, because of this when the actor was supposed to be cast in the Marvel flick, Guardians of the Galaxy, people were really skeptical if the actor would be able to play the role of a character like Groot. And not just that, in the second movie, his character too was turned into a kid, because of which people were again a bit curious to see what it would look like, but now, people truly love what his character is.

Grant Gustin as the Flash

Grant Gustin, the skinny college boy looking dude will play the character such as the Flash? No way, he is not at all having a superhero body, nor does he look intimidating enough, but again people who thought all this came out to be wrong as he now is probably the most loved television superhero.

Jenifer Lawrence as Mystique

Surely no one ever knows what Jennifer Lawrence was like before the Hunger Games series, well the actress who gained major popularity after the films first became the X-Men mutant Mystique. People were very skeptical about having her as the right hand of Magneto as she did not strike someone as such a powerful character but sure as hell they all were wrong.

Heath Ledger as Joker

Heath Ledger undoubtedly today is called the best Joker incarnation that there has ever been in the Batman flicks but this notion wasn’t there until people actually saw his performance. Heath Ledger was known to be a person on homes on home young girls crushed, not just that his films such as 10 things that I hate about you and A knight’s Tale had his image very different from the psychopathic Joker that we saw him in The Dark Knight

Dave Batista as Drax The Destroyer

There are a lot of times when a buffed up wrestler has been used to play a big man but when we come to see Dave Batista playing Drax the destroyer we can’t even imagine that this person was never even an actor. Dave Batista has not been known for his good acting skills because of which a lot of people was skeptical to see the former wrestler play the alien in the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s films but all questions have been put to rest since people actually saw his acting.

Andrew Garfield as Peter Parker

We all know how cool Andrew Garfield actually is and then we come to think of the character Peter Parker who is a kind of a dork, yes this was the very reason because of which people were very sceptical in thinking of Andrew Garfield being the nerdy Peter Parker but it later came to the realisation of the fans that he could actually pull off this. It is really great to see Tom Holland doing things really well but even so, Garfield was not that bad.

James Franco as Green Goblin

Have you even seen James Franco’s films be it Why Him? or  the Pineapple Express or even the Interview in every film of his he is not even acting the actor is a real comedy hero who is doing all that he can to make people laugh in adult humour, but if you see his acting in the film Spider Man where you were cast as Harry Osborn as well as the Green Goblin you can actually see the actor acting which would make most of the people shop who haven’t actually seen his performance freya reading this article.

Chris Evans as Captain America

superhero roles

Alright, even you knew that this guy was going to be on this list Chris Evans isn’t very famous for playing upright Heroic roles sure he played Jony storm in the Fantastic Four films but even then his character was not so morally correct. To think of him to be playing a character such as Captain America who is actually an incarnation of the perfect American patriot was really skeptical for every fan’s mind but all the questions have been put to rest since we have seen him play the character.

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