Forget Wolverine, Meet Marvel’s ‘Ultimate Weapon’ – The Hulkverine!!!

Marvel Comics has created several monstrosities within its pages. It created the Wolverine via the Weapon X program. It has created the Hulk via an attempt by Bruce Banner to recreate the formula of the Super Soldier Serum. Both are pure beasts and absolute savages on the battlefield. Both the Hulk and Wolverine have trouble stepping back when the inner beast takes control. Individually, they are near unstoppable when on a rampage. What happens when you combine them both?

The Wolverine has two distinct traits – his superfast healing abilities and his indestructible adamantium claws. The Hulk is known for his impenetrable green skin and his brute, raw strength. Marvel Comics is now working on a comic book arc to combine both these characters. Ladies and Gentlemen, we give you Weapon H – The Hulk-Wolverine hybrid, lovingly duped ‘The Hulkverine’.

Combining Wolverine’s and the Hulk’s powers are something straight out of a fan’s wet dream. Wolverine and the Hulk have faced off on more than one occasions in the comic books and their fights were just pure awesome. When the Hulkverine steps into the battlefield, it is going to be a bloodbath.

This comic book arc by Marvel is attracting its fair share of criticism as much as it is drawing applause. The thing that made the Hulk so unique was on the inside; he was still a human who wanted to do the right thing and kept the Hulk persona in check. When you replace that person with Logan, you get an absolute monster with no qualms for killing and no sense of moral code.

While the Weapon H will make a great tool for storytelling and action sequences, it risks destroying everything both the Hulk and the Wolverine stood for until now. Nevertheless, with the huge responses the character is getting, we doubt the Hulkverine won’t be a hit amongst fans.

Greg Pak explains how the stories of the New Hulkverine came into being:

“As a Wolverine/Hulk hybrid, Weapon H looks like a marketer’s dream, right? But the character developed organically through the story. Back when we were developing the ‘Weapons of Mutant Destruction’ storyline, we established that the Weapon X scientists were collecting DNA from various mutants to turn people into killing machines. I said, ‘Well, we’ve got the Hulk in the book now. Seems like they’d want to collect Hulk DNA, too.’ Suddenly, we had a Wolverine-Hulk hybrid on our hands.”

This story introduces new characters into the Weapon H storyline. The unbeatable weapon of mass destruction that is Wolverine won’t be Bruce Banner or Logan. It will be an entirely different character. A man named “Clay” will get the mutated powers of the green giant and the clawed beast to become the Hulkverine. Who is Clay? No one knows yet.

“We eventually revealed this Wolverine-Hulk hybrid as the ultimate weapon that Weapon X had been developing. And in the subsequent story that Fred Van Lente and I cowrote in Weapon X, we revealed that the man who was turned into this Wolverine-Hulk hybrid was Clay, a former soldier turned Eaglestar military contractor who’d been drugged and shipped out to Weapon X when he started challenging Eaglestar’s brutal operating procedure.

“I loved all of this because it was a chance to explore familiar tropes of Wolverine and Hulk through a different kind of character. The big danger of both Wolverine and the Hulk is, traditionally, that they can lose control, go berserk. But Clay was chosen for this procedure because he has intense military discipline. The idea is that he’s the perfect weapon because he can control this tremendous power. But now Clay’s free from Weapon X — so the question is what a person with this tremendous discipline is going to do with this terrifying power?”

Clay is a guy who is as mysterious as they get. First introduced in the “Mutants of Mass Destruction” storyline, his allegiances and alignments are still unclear. Until now, Clay has acted as a lone wolf just like Logan used to. But he is different from Wolverine in the sense that where Wolverine wanted to uncover his past, Clay is hell-bent on keeping it hidden, even from himself.

“Clay was partially lobotomized by Weapon X — they wanted to keep the parts of his personality that gave him his discipline and control, but remove any pesky memories or morality that might prevent him from doing their bidding. But our brains aren’t quite so easily sectioned off like that, so Clay had bits and pieces of memories of his past. His tremendous healing factor has reassembled his brain and made it possible for him to sort out more of his memories. But he doesn’t remember everything — and most importantly, he doesn’t want to.”


Fans will be able to witness the clawed green giant Hulkverine in action soon from next year. Hulkverine will star in his own comic book series written by Greg Pak and Cory Smith. Weapon H will arrive in comic book stores and available for digital download in March of 2018.

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