Deadpool 2 Quotes That Will Always Remain Amazing and Funny

Deadpool is one of the most popular comic-book characters who was brought to life by Ryan Reynolds in a solo movie in 2016. The X-Men franchise also tried to introduce Deadpool but they botched up in a grandiose fashion. The first Deadpool movie became a massive hit as it earned over $750 million at the Box Office at the budget of just $60 million. This made Deadpool the highest grossing R-Rated movie and most profitable X-Men film ever. Deadpool 2 is playing in theatres now, and we have got the perfect sequel to the amazing debut movie that came out two years ago. Most franchises have not been able to reproduce the greatness that they did with the first one. Iron Man was an example of this. But Deadpool comes in the league of The Dark Knight and Captain America as it has given us an even better sequel. Well, Here are some of the funniest Deadpool 2 quotes that will always stay in your head and you’ll find them funny whenever you read them.

deadpool 2 quotes

Here are 32 Deadpool 2 Quotes:

Cable: Dubstep’s for pussies!

Wade Wilson: You’re so dark. Are you sure you’re not from the DC universe?


Cable: I got two charges. One to get me here, one to get me home.

Wade Wilson: Well, that’s just lazy writing.

[The first line, after Deadpool explodes himself]

Deadpool: Fuck Wolverine. First he rides my coattails with the R-rating, and then, that hairy motherfucker ups the ante by dying! What a dick! Well, guess what, Wolvie? I’m dying in this movie.


Cable: You remind me of my wife.

Wade Wilson: I’m sorry?

Cable: I said you remind me…

Wade Wilson: No, I’m sorry that you said that while making heavy eye contact and applying lip balm.


Wade Wilson: With this collar on, my superpower is just unbridled cancer. Give me a bow and arrow and I’m basically Hawkeye.


Firefist: What do you say we go fuck some shit up?

Juggernaut: Let’s Fuck Some Shit Up is my legal middle name.


Deadpool: Only best buddies execute pedophiles together.


Colossus: We have rules. You are not judge, jury or executioner.

Deadpool: Fuck your rules! I fight for what’s right, and sometimes you gotta fight dirty.


Deadpool: And that’s why “Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants” is pure pornography.

Dopinder: Wow!

Domino: I really should have stayed in college…


Deadpool: You know what we need to do? We need to build a fucking team. We need ’em tough, morally flexible, and young enough so they can carry this franchise 10-12 years.

Dopinder: My body is instrument of death.

Deadpool: Not now, Dopinder.


Firefist: Stay back or Justin Bieber dies!

Deadpool: [to Negasonic Teenage Warhead] Ha! Justin Bieber. He called you Justin Bieber.


Deadpool: Any powers you wanna tell us about? Any, uh…

Peter: No. I don’t have one. Um, I just saw the ad. I thought it looked fun.

Deadpool: …You’re in.


Deadpool: [dizzy from a big action sequence] Tell me they got that in slow-motion…


Wade Wilson: I loved her. I loved her like an ocean loves water.

Weasel: An ocean is water.


[talking about Deadpool 2]

Wade Wilson: It lives up to the hype, *plus plus.*

Weasel: Fuck it. They probably won’t even make a 3.

Wade Wilson: Yeah, why would they? Stop at 2, ya killed it!

[they both laugh]


Firefist: How do you know what I want?

Deadpool: Because I’ve been inside you. That came out wrong. I’ve been inside your shoes, which is also off-putting.


Deadpool: Zip it, Thanos!


Deadpool: As a former X-Man…

Bedlam: Trainee.

Deadpool: Thank you, Bedlam. I was always appalled by the blatant sexism in the group’s name. X-Men? *Men*? The point is, our group will be forward-thinking. Gender neutral. From now on, we’ll be known as… X-Force.

Domino: Isn’t that a little derivative?

Deadpool: I don’t recall asking your opinion, Peter.

Peter: …That wasn’t me.


Deadpool: Cable, you get back to your family and you tell them Wade says hi. And promise me, promise me one thing: that you’ll start judging people not by the color of the skin but by the content of their character.

Cable: Jesus…


Peter: [putting lotion on face] I don’t know much about this Cable fella, but I guarantee you he hasn’t killed as many people as melanoma has.


Juggernaut: I’m gonna rip you in half now.

Deadpool: That is such a Juggernaut thing to say!


Cable: You’re not a fuckin’ hero. You’re just an annoying clown dressed up as a sex toy.


Deadpool: [while “dying”] Can you see it? Do you see that beautiful bright light? There it is.

[dramatic pause]

Deadpool: Oh, that’s the sun. Don’t stare directly into that.


Deadpool: [to Cable] You killed Black Tom, you racist son of a bitch!


Wade Wilson: Sorry I’m late. I was rounding up all the gluten in the world and launch it into space where it can’t hurt us ever again.

Vanessa: Kiss me like you miss me, Red.


Deadpool: Okay! I’m going to flip this coin. Heads, you did this for me. Tails, you did this for me. And I’m not even looking, because… you did this for me.


Colossus: Pick on someone your own size!

Deadpool: That’s such a you thing to say. Go get ’em tiger! Big CG fight comin’ up!


Deadpool: Good news and bad news. Bad news is the whole team is dead. The good news is I don’t think anyone is gonna miss Shatterstar, he was a bit of a prick.


Cable: [In the middle of a fistfight when Deadpool grabs him by his neck with a strapped metal]


Cable: Who are you?

Deadpool: [groans] I’m Batman.


Deadpool: He was a dick! And just like dicks, he’s hard, and just causes a lot of problems!


So, from our family to yours, keep your pants dry, your dreams wet, and remember, hugs not drugs.


Deadpool: [Juggernaut comes out of a pile of rubble] Oh my God! Juggernaut! I thought that was you! I should’ve worn my white pants.


Deadpool: Go get ’em, tiger! Big CGI fight comin’ up!



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