10 Murder Mystery Movies That You Can’t Afford To Miss

What doesn’t attracts a person’s attention and interest towards a planned murder mystery and associated people running for clues? We all have played such games in our childhood and now the movies fulfill our long lost craze of suspecting the culprit.

Here I am giving you a list of 10 movies that will keep the hidden detective in you cautious and wild.

 1. CHINA TOWN ( 1974 )

murder mystery movies
murder mystery movies

Old will forever remain gold. China Town is a movie inspired by the California Water Wars. The movie was a massive success and was nominated for 11 Oscars and titled as one of the best movies of all the times.

A sequel of the movie named “The Two Jakes” was later released in 1990.

The most famous attention seeking dialogue of the movie comes to us as – “Are you alone?” “Isn’t everyone?”

The movie’s plot moves you psychologically and keeps you guessing until the end. Unmissable.

2. SHUTTER ISLAND ( 2010 )

It cannot be denied that whenever hospital scenarios are added to a story, the plot automatically becomes exciting. The story revolves around a marshal who is on a mission to find a murderess who is suspected of killing her three children. The movie is based on the novel ‘SHUTTER ISLAND’. The movie gave the best box office opening. More to add, you see much of Leonardo Di Caprio acting in the lead role. What else one needs?


How interesting you find it when a cop falls in love with the culprit? Exciting enough. The movie received a great overwhelming response designating it as a psychologically complex murder mystery movie of all times. The movie dates back to 1944 but still manages to keep the audience seated till the end.


Memento was credited as the movie with one of the greatest and different plots of all times. It came up with a story of a man who fights for his raped and murdered wife while suffering from anterograde amnesia. This means he cannot remember recent memories and hence takes the help of photographs and tattoos to carry on with day to day life and also the revenge of his murdered wife. The movie received a huge great response and an Indian remake named “Ghajini” of this movie was also made. Definitely, a must watch.


Murder mysteries are often spicier when a pinch of horror is added to them. The silence of the lambs is one such movie. The most credited part of the movie was its cast that received huge applauds. The movie received widespread critical acclaim and is of the most preferred movies of all times. If you have seen this movie, you cannot forget the word “Buffalo Bill”. And if you have not, I suggest you go and find the reason why this word can’t be forgotten.


When lives of different people are interconnected and series of happenings, be good or bad, keep happening, it drives your concern towards it. Mystic river is one such thrilling masterpiece. It grabbed lots and lots of praises. Revolving around the roller coaster lives of three friends, the movie is filled with mysteries and crime scenes. Any spoiler will ruin the complete package this movie carries so I better advise you to watch it and enjoy.


murder mystery movies

A well-renowned name in the world of literature, Agatha Christie, wrote a novel “and then there were none” which was later adapted into a massively huge hit movie with the same name. The novel came out as one of the best-selling books of all the times. The movie revolves around 10 people who move into a hotel as a group and soon find their host missing. A lane full of mishappenings and thrills will move you and raise your brows.


It is surely devastating for a man who traveled a long way only to know that his old friend died a mysterious death. But the audience will find a chill running down their spine when they’ll get to see the same person investigating the crime. The third man gives you almost a two-hour roller coaster ride of the events that take place in the urge of finding the culprit and the reason. The plot itself gives goosebumps already whereas the movie shakes the inner you.


Isn’t it too cool when the title only is enough to make your urge to watch the movie jump to another level? Here you get to see this happening. A 1954 movie that too released in 3D is the another eye-catching characteristic of the film. This is a classic thriller crime movie depicting a man who plots a mastermind plan to murder his wife. What happens next is all that you need to watch because the real craze is what it holds.

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murder mystery movies

When someone is after another person without the later knowing about it, it gets scarier. Scream is one such mind blowing movie. But how long chasing help and what if the person soon starts using props to freak one out? And what if the plan has more to it? Isn’t is getting chilling already? Scream not only managed to hold people still on their seats but also acclaimed a huge appreciation. Credited as the most successful movie of all times, this definitely a must-watch.

So here you have a bunch of movies enough to scare the innocent you and to awaken the investigator in your side by side!

Happy watching!

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