23 Captain America Quotes That Are Way Too Marvel-lous

Steve Rogers aka Captain America is perhaps the most patriotic, principled, morally upright and admired superhero in the entire MCU. He is revered by masses who see him as a beacon of hope. He is someone who has inspired an entire generation to fight for their country and humanity. He is a selfless leader who puts his team above his own interest. This article is about Captain America quotes.

In ‘The Avengers’ during the “Battle of New York” with Loki and his Chitauri army, he led the Avengers to victory and it was followed by a threat of extinction from an AI Ultron gone rogue, he stood his ground and put the interests of humanity and team first before himself. But there is one thing that he cares apart from people i.e his Shield made of Vibranium produced by Tony Stark’s father Howard Stark.

Robert Downey Jr., Chris Evans and Chris Hemsworth have revealed that they are done contractually, and until and unless Marvel signs them a new contract, that brings their characters back somehow, it is only then that these characters would be able to return. But Disney and Marvel have already built the characters that are going to lead the MCU for the next decade after Captain America, Thor and Iron Man are out. Their places will be taken by Captain Marvel, Black Panther, Doctor Strange, and Spider-Man.

Out of the three, only Hemsworth said that he would be interested to return since he is not at all done with Thor. But Evans and Downey Jr. have busy schedules post-Avengers 4. A few months ago, Evans wasn’t clear about his plans and when he was asked about his MCU contract about to be expired, he had this to say:

“It’s really not up to me. My contract is up. I’m not going to sit here and say ‘No more.’ I think Hugh Jackman has made 47 Wolverine movies, and they somehow keep getting better. It’s a character I love, and it’s a factory that really knows what they’re doing. The system is sound, over there. They make great movies. If they weren’t kicking out quality, I’d have a different opinion. But, everything Marvel does seems to be cinema gold”.

He added:

“I love the character. The only reason it would end is because my contract is up. After Avengers 4, my contract is done. Talk to Marvel. If we engage further, I’d be open to it. I love the character. It’s almost like high school. You certainly always look to senior year, and then, all of a sudden, senior year happens and you’re like, ‘I don’t know if I’m ready to go.’ It’s tough thinking about not playing the guy.”

A few weeks ago, Evans actually came out and confirmed it that he does not have any more desire to overstay at Marvel. Here’s what he said:

 “You want to get off the train before they push you off,”

He mentioned that he is ready to look beyond Marvel. A while ago, he showed interest in directing movie post MCU, so he would probably be moving in that direction from here on. But now it seems that he has opened his mind again as he teased that he isn’t completely out just yet. Here’s what he said:

Captain America quotes

“Well, the contracts done. A lot of our contracts are through. Myself, [Robert] Downey, [Chris] Hemsworth, we all kind of started roughly at the same time. I mean, I think we all through Avengers 4 kind of wrap it up. But at this point I don’t know what’s next, but yeah by 2019 that’s it… Well, we’ll see.”

No matter what may happen, he will always be the fan-favorite Captain America forever. Here are some of most amazing Captain America quotes for his most amazing fans:

1. Without its ideals — its commitment to the freedom of all men, America is a piece of trash!


2. I can do this all day.


3. America doesn’t hand you things on a silver platter. Sometimes all she offers is hope.

Captain America Quotes
Captain America Quotes

4. I’m not always able to choose my battles… but effective immediately, I’m going to make an effort to choose the battles that matter.

5. “As long as one man stands against you, you’ll never be able to claim victory.”

6. Peter Parker/Spider-Man: That thing does not obey the laws of physics at all

Peter Parker/Spider-Man: That thing does not obey the laws of physics at all.

Steve Rogers/Captain America: Look kid. There’s a lot going on here that you don’t understand.

Peter Parker/Spider-Man: Stark said you’d say that.

7. I cannot represent the American Government; the President does that. I must represent the American people.

8. I will not tolerate — I will not allow — any talk of the necessity of necessary evil.

9. Steve Rogers/Captain America: This isn’t going to change what happened.
Tony Stark/Iron Man: I don’t care, he killed my mom.

10. It’s tempting to want to live in the past. It’s familiar. It’s comfortable. But it’s where fossils come from.

11. We must all live in the real world… and sometimes that can be pretty grim…

12. Tony Stark/Iron Man: Shit!
Steve Rogers/Captain America: Language!

Captain America Quotes
Captain America Quotes

13. Steve Rogers/Captain America: Your suit. It’s vibranium?
T’Challa/Black Panther: The Black Panther has been the protector of Wakanda for generations. A mantle passed from warrior to warrior. And now because your friend murdered my father, I also wear the mantle of king. So I ask you, as both warrior and king, how long do you think you can keep your friend safe from me?

14. When the mob and the press and the whole world tell you to move…

15. I’m loyal to nothing except the dream.

16. I don’t want to kill anyone. I don’t like bullies; I don’t care where they’re from.

17. Steve Rogers/Captain America: You know if they find out he is here, they’ll come for him.
T’Challa/Black Panther: Let them try

18. Steve Rogers/Captain America: Where you from kid?
Peter Parker/Spider-Man: Queens.
Steve Rogers/Captain America: Brooklyn.

19. Steve Rogers/Captain America: Who else sign it?
Natasha Romanoff/Black Widow: Tony, Rhody, Vision.
Steve Rogers/Captain America: Clint?
Natasha Romanoff/Black Widow: Said he’s retired.
Steve Rogers/Captain America: Wanda?
Natasha Romanoff/Black Widow: TBD… I’m off to Vienna for the signing of the Accords. There’s plenty of room on the jet. Just because it’s the path of least resistance doesn’t mean it’s the wrong path. Staying together is more important than how we stay together.
Steve Rogers/Captain America: What are we giving up to do it?
Natasha Romanoff/Black Widow: …..
Steve Rogers/Captain America: Sorry, Nat. I can’t sign it.
Natasha Romanoff/Black Widow: I know…
Steve Rogers/Captain America: Well then..what are you doing here?
Natasha Romanoff/Black Widow: I didn’t want you to be alone..

Captain America Quotes

20. Our very strength invites challenge. Challenge incites conflict. Conflict breeds catastrophe.

21. If we sign this, we surrender our right to choose.

22. I’m not getting that shield back, am I?’ ‘Technically it’s the government’s property. Wings too.’ ‘That’s cold.’ ‘Warmer than jail!’

Captain America Quotes

23. Red Skull:”I have seen the future Captain! There are no flags!”

Captain America: “Not my future!”

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