DC Comics Update – Major DC Villains Dies After Revealing He Was A Hero All Along!!!

The DC Comics Universe is going through another renaissance. After the massive hit that was the Rebirth issues, DC is gearing for yet another huge event. Rebirth ended up giving us awesome issues like Dark Nights Metal and Doomsday Clock. It has now given us another miniseries to rejoice over. The Justice League: No Justice arc will make the entire band of Justice League unite to stop a universe ending threat. But the only problem is, the guy who was the key to help the League achieve victory against the evil forces, ends up dying before he could give the Justice League the crucial information they need for ending the battle. That ‘guy’ turns out to be a villain and he reveals himself to be one of the good guys. That’s right folks. A MAJOR DC Villain has died but not before revealing he was a hero all along!!!

SPOILER ALERT: Massive Spoilers for Justice League: No Justice #1. If you still haven’t read it yet, we recommend you read it and come back to this page….

The story arc of No Justice begins with the Green Lantern Corps informing the heroes of Earth that they have confirmed a rip in the Source Wall, the massive cosmic structure that separates the universe from everything that lies beyond it. The universe is now vulnerable to extra universal forces that have come to destroy it. Brainiac, a major Superman villain, then invades Earth and takes several teams of Superheroes hostage. Teen Titans, Titans, Suicide Squad and Justice League all fall prey to Brainiac’s rampage and are captured.


And then comes the twist. It turns out. Brainiac wasn’t the bad guy here. He did what he did, invading the Earth and taking dozens of superheroes hostage because he truly believes he is the only one who knows how to stop it. All the planets of the Universe are now under massive threat, including Brainiac’s own planet, Colu. He kidnapped those superheroes because he wanted them to band together to help save the universe.

The bad news is – no one knew Brainiac’s truly noble intentions because he wanted this to be kept a secret (we still don’t know why). He could have just told the heroes what’s up and they would have agreed to Brainiac. The heroes have allied themselves with the 12th Level intelligence before and this may not be a new thing for them, considering the fate of the entire universe is at stake. No one knew what Brainiac’s original purpose of invading the Earth so suddenly and abruptly were and this eventually leads to the guys’ untimely and truly gruesome death.

Brainiac is dead, and it is all because of the b*tch that goes by the name of Amanda Waller.

Brainiac finally explains to the heroes that he has encountered data which reveals that a band of ancient super powerful beings called the Four Brothers have entered the universe through the tear in the Source Wall. The Four Brothers will be consuming one planet after another in the universe, eventually turning the universe hollow if the heroes don’t stop them. He claims the heroes’ fighting style is too predictable and that is why he kidnapped them and made them band together into a group that is as equally formidable as it is unpredictable. Each band of heroes will be then sent to battle each of the Four Brothers, with each group being tailor-made to fight one of the ancient beings each.

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Brainiac’s ship becomes the rendezvous point for the heroes, who have now been divided into groups of four to fight the Four Brothers. As Brainiac is about to lay down his plan to each group as to how they could defeat the bad guys, Brainiac’s head suddenly explodes. And then we come to know why it did. Turns out, Amanda Waller had kidnapped all of the most powerful psychics on Earth and connected them to a machine to take a look inside Brainiac’s head. She believed Brainiac had killed the kidnapped superheroes (can’t blame her) and this was her way of saving Earth before Brainiac came to claim the planet. Too bad, Brainiac died a death undeserved. But his death was heroic. A villain through and through, Brainiac has been fighting Superman since time immemorial. After revealing he has the capacity for good, Brainiac becomes a martyr. A longtime DC Villain becomes a hero before his death and twists like THAT is exactly why we love DC Comics!!!

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