10 Abilities of Cable Which Makes Him A True Badass

Deadpool 2 has finally hit the theatres with rave reviews. With multiple praises towards the irreverent humor, action and acting chops from Ryan Reynolds, Deadpool 2 is all set to rock the summer blockbuster season. Fans and critics have particularly praised the character of Cable, played by Josh Brolin, who recently cured Marvel’s villain plague with his portrayal of Thanos.

The introduction of Cable is quite interesting as he is quite deeply connected to the X-Men than you have thought. Cable is technically the son of Scott Summers and Jean Grey. The focus should be on the word technically as Jean Grey is not the biological mother of Cable. After the apparent death of Jean Grey, Scott Summers aka Cyclops falls into the vicious cycle of depression. But during that period, he meets Madelyn Pryor, who looks exactly like Jean Grey. After being romantically linked with her, they have a son who goes by the name of Nathan Christopher Charles Summers aka Cable. But just after his birth, Apocalypse arrives to infect him with a techno-organic virus which is incurable. In order to survive, an infant Nathan Summers is taken to the future by Aksani, where he is trained to be a warrior while trying to find a cure for his disease.

The history of Cable is definitely mind-numbing, but what’s more interesting is his wide array of powers which makes him a force to reckon with. Here, we have compiled his 10 abilities which make him a true badass.


At this point of time, it would be surprising to see any mutant without the power of telepathy. But what makes Cable stand out is his command over this particular power. His telepathic powers are so powerful that he once created a utopia on Earth by controlling everyone’s minds at once. If that doesn’t impress you, here’s another instance of his vast telepathic powers. Cable has successfully managed to resist mind-control of Professor Charles Xavier, Jean Grey and Marvel Girl, who are considered as top telepaths in the Marvel Universe. Cable can also project bolts of mental energy which can render people unconscious for a while. If necessary, the bolts can be powerful enough to even kill sentient beings.


Like telepathy, Cable has mastered the art of telekinesis too. His telekinesis powers grant him the ability to disassemble huge objects with ease and also the ability to assemble minute things in a matter of seconds. His prowess over telekinesis has granted him the ability to even control electrons and manipulate the atomic structure of devices. He can also lift massive weights quite easily. His telekinetic powers also help him to create a protective barrier against him and his allies during battles.


As Cable is affected by the techno-organic virus which slowly converts his flesh into technology, he is blessed with super-strength which is far superior to most superheroes. His super-strength has allowed him to go toe-to-toe with the Hulk, as well as to defeat Red Hulk, Iron Man and Falcon single handedly.

Superhuman Endurance


The techno-organic virus planted by Apocalypse has always restricted Cable to use his powers at their full potential. The constant pain of flesh turning into metal is a terrible ordeal which requires a superhuman level of endurance. On top of that, Cable has managed to take direct blows from the Hulk and still survive, while battling the virus simultaneously. His endurance doesn’t just limits to physical levels. His mental endurance has allowed him to fight and run at peak performance for several hours before visible signs of fatigue start to show. Cable can also continue tasks with minimal amounts to no sleep at all.

Superhuman Senses

While Cable’s senses are nowhere near Daredevil’s or Spiderman’s, they are quite formidable. Cable has the ability to spot speedsters at their peak performance levels. His cybernetic eye grants him the ability to see a wider range of the electromagnetic spectrum, granting him the ability to spot psionic energies and other exotic spectra of the spectrum.

Master in Hand-to-Hand Combat

Being trained to become a warrior, Cable has mastery over the martial arts. His proficiency has allowed him to defeat Captain America, one of the greatest hand-to-hand fighters in the Marvel Universe. He has also fought Wolverine to stalemate, which speaks volumes about his prowess in the field of martial arts.

Latent Time Travel Ability

Cable has shown this peculiar ability to send his consciousness back and forth in time to thwart catastrophic threats. In Legion Quest storyline, Professor Xavier’s son Legion travels back in time to kill Magneto. To assist him, Professor X sends Cable’s consciousness back in time, with the help of Jean Grey.


Though this ability is rarely used by Cable, it is one powerful weapon in his arsenal. In Avengers: X-Sanction, Cable has the ability to see multiple events in the future before they unfold, thanks to the future Hope Summers tampering with his mind.

Futuristic Gadgets

Not exactly being a superpower, this one makes the list because no one else has got them. As an infant Cable was sent two thousand years into the future with the Aksani tribe, he trained with some highly futuristic gadgets. As he comes back to the present day timeline, he brings his gadgets and weapons with him, which gives him a superior edge over his opponents. One such weapon is the Psi-Mittar, a long staff with a spear pointed at one of its end, which amplifies the telepathic and telekinesis powers and transforms them into deadly beams. Also, his techno-organic virus grants him the ability to use his mechanized body to hack into computers with ease. His body can also create razor sharp weapons at will, thanks to the techno-organic virus.

Genius Intellect

As Cable was taken into the future, he studied futuristic science and technology which was well beyond the scope of 21st century. His proficiency in studies has allowed him to gain an intellect equivalent to Reed Richards, the smartest man in the Marvel Universe. Apart from that, Cable also possesses quick wits, which helped him to defeat The Avengers single-handedly.

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