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20 Amazing Things About The Iron Man’s Suit That Will Surprise You

Tony Stark’s Iron Man Suits has been one of the greatest inventions of all time. The powers it possesses are unimaginable. Here are some secretive things that you might not know, the Iron Man’s suits possess:

The Gold Armor!

The Model 4 Armor!

The Original Gold Suit!

Tape Recorder Access!

Red and Gold Model 2 Suit!

Telepathic Armor Control!

The Model 4 Armor!

Model 4 Suit Features!

Life Support Machine!

The Space Armor (Model 5)

Space Armor (Model 27)

Camouflage Ability!

Model 21

The Silver Centurion Armor

War Machine

Model 12

The Hydro Armor

The Extremis Armor

The Iron Man Suit

The Silver Suit

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