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20 Mind-Blowing Things You Should Know About Batman

Batman is dark, brooding and rightly so due to his tragic past. He saw his parents being gunned down by a criminal in Gotham city. Check out the amazing facts about the Batman that you probably didn’t know:

Origin Story!

Joe Chill Has Killed His Parents!

Pre-Crisis Stories!

One of The Founding Memory!

Batman Sired a Child With Talia al Ghul!

Batman And Son!

The First Appearance!

He Acquired The Powers of God!

Rarely Drinks Alcohol!

Notable Nicknames!

No Superhuman Powers!

The Ability To Instill Fear in Others!

Adept at Interrogation Techniques!

Olympic Level Athlete!

Peak Human Perfection!

His Exercise Routine!

Multiple Martial Arts!

 An Expert on All Melee Weaponry!

Expert Marksman!

One of The Keenest Analytical Minds!

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