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20 Mind-Blowing Things You Should Know About Aquaman

Aquaman is maybe the most underrated superheroes of the D.C Universe. Batman and Superman may have overshadowed him for decades but that is all about to change. With the upcoming new Justice League movie and his own banner, Aquaman is going to rise up from everyone’s radar and be on everyone’s lips. Here’re some amazing facts about Aquaman which will surprise you:


The Creation!

Playable Character!

The Atlantean Tribal Tattoos!

Both Human And a God!

Dark of The Wrecked Ship!

Aquaman And Batman!

Primary Weapon!

Steppenwolf’s Invasion!


Incredible Superhuman Strength!


Incredible Durability!

Supersonic Speeds!

Tactical Situations!

Enhanced Senses!

The Vision!

Telepathic Interaction!

The Role!

Silver Age!

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