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20 Amazing Things About Darth Vader That Every Fan Needs To Know

If there’s ever a list of greatest movie villains of all time, Darth Vader will make it to the top ten from Star Wars. He is terrifying, menacing and very cunning. Check out the amazing facts about him that we bet their hardcore fans didn’t know:

Order 66!

Revenge of the Sith!

The Emperor!

New Legends Content!

Darth Vader Grieving!

Legendary Mask!

Lava on Mustafar!

Episode VI!

Fortress Retreat!

Great Western Sea!

Nazi Headgear!

Costume Designer!

Evil Essence!

Anakin’s Force Ghost!

David Prowse!

Anakin’s Lightsaber!

The Initial Script!

Orignal Trilogy!

Palpatine’s Tale!

Vader’s Body!

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