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15 Amazing Things You Never Knew About The Reverse Flash

Barry Allen’s biggest rival, Reverse Flash was the one character the Arrowverse had to get right going into the first season as everything depended upon him. He was the one who defined Barry Allen’s entire character arc, being the one who killed Barry’s mother, Nora Allen. In the comics, he vowed to do everything he could to make sure that the Flash’s life was a living hell, and on many occasions, he succeeded and this was shown very well on the CW show, The Flash. Check out more about him:

DC Comics

High-Velocity Speeds!


Eobard’s Newspaper!

Reverse Flash Revealed!

Movie Freak!

First Villain!

Unaltered Timeline!

Fan of the Flash!

A Statue!

Fast Enough!

Main Antagonist!

1st Evil Speedster!

The Creation!

Red Eyes!

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