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20 Mind-Boggling Things About Avengers: Infinity War Villain, Thanos

Thanos is the mad Titan, he is the Big Boss of the Marvel universe. He is the supervillain of supervillains, the most dangerous of them all. Once he has an Infinity Gauntlet, then he is invincible. He is going to appear as a villain in the upcoming movie Avengers: Infinity War. Check out the amazing things about Thanos that you probably didn’t know:

Top Secret!

Man #1!

James Gunn’s Brother Sean!

Uncredited Role!

Thanos’ Look!

Comics Vs Movies!

Master of Infinity Gauntlet!

Not Killed in His Debut Appearance!

Most Powerful!

The Stunt Doubles!


True Villain of The Avengers!

Member of The Eternals!

Son of Mentor!

The Name ”Thanos”!

He is Able To Strike Fear!

Master of Manipulation!

Highly Confident!

Ultimate Personification!


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