10 Most Badass Fight Scenes From The Arrowverse

The Arrowverse has gifted us with supervillains as equally epic as the superheroes who foil their plans. Not often do we see both sides take matters into their own hands and duke it out. Every season of each show has given us a fight of the century – the Bad guy takes on the good guy as they lay bare their fists to end it once and for all. Here are the most Badass moments from the Arrowverse when the hero and the villain decide enough is enough!!!

The Flash vs. The Man in Yellow Suit

It’s been a while since Harrison Wells donned the Reverse Flash Costume and gave Barry (literally) a run for his money. After Barry sees Reverse Flash on a rooftop, he gives chase. After several flashes of red and yellow lightning, Barry Allen bites the dust. He is just not fast enough.

Oliver Queen vs. Malcolm Merlyn aka Ra’s Al Ghul

After the end of Season 3, Ra’s is defeated and Merlyn assumes the mantle of the Demon’s head. Thea is possessed by insane bloodlust and Nyssa offers a cure to Oliver if he kills Malcolm in combat. Malcom and Oliver fight to the death on a rooftop for the position of the Demon’s head with Merlyn defeated and left with one severed hand.

Superman vs. Supergirl

The season 2 finale of Supergirl pits Clark Kent against Kara Danvers. Under the influence of Queen Rhea’s silver kryptonite, Superman hallucinates and sees Kara as General Zod. As National City watches helplessly, Supergirl gets a beatdown of her lifetime until she manages to fight back. At the end, Superman is defeated and Supergirl is now the greatest champion on Earth.

Green Arrow vs. Prometheus

In the episode Checkmate, Team Arrow finds itself crossing paths with Adrian Chase, having uncovered his identity as Prometheus. As Oliver tries to make him surrender using Adrian’s wife as leverage, Adrian does the unthinkable and stabs his better half himself. As Diggle whisks away Mrs. Chase to safety, Green Arrow and Prometheus trade blow in a high stakes fight.

Arrow vs. Deathstroke

Felicity Smoak manages to trick Slade and inject him with the Mirakuru cure thus rendering him human again. As the fight is evened out, Slade attacks Oliver with Killing intent. Oliver manages to subdue Slade with a trick arrow. But much to Slade’s surprise, Oliver does not kill him in retaliation for Slade killing Oliver’s mother. Oliver turns Slade to the authorities.

Legends of Tomorrow vs. Legion of Doom

The season 2 finale of Legends was a blast of utter awesomeness. The legion was too much for the Legends to handle but they still managed to keep up. But with a speedster in their midst, the Legion seemed unstoppable. So Sara Lance helped even the odds by freeing the Black Flash. The whole fight was one giant mess of time travel and CGI which we all loved to the core.

Legends vs. Damien Darhk 2.0

The season 3 of Legends just might be the best of the lot. It has got the heroes, interactive dynamics and humor along with the CGI to top it off. One such phenomenal product when all the ingredients mix in to give the perfect taste is when Damien Darhk is resurrected by the followers of Mallus. The resulting fight between the latter’s forces and the Legends and the Time Bureau on the other side does not only have good action choreography but also a tinge of much-needed humor. Who could forget that background score!!!!!

Savitar vs. The Flash

Jesus Christ this kid is so not the fastest man alive. Every season there comes a villain to prove him wrong over and over again. At the end of Episode 6 of The Flash season 3, Savitar finally comes out of the shadows. He beats Barry to a pulp and leaves him in the middle of the city. Barry has his pride completely broken. Savitar rules this fight.

The Flash vs. Zoom

Zoom is one hell of a villain. He is the only villain other than Reverse Flash who got inside Barry’s skin. He made him realize how weak he is in front of the speed demon quite early. Zoom drags Barry out of Star Labs and beats him right in front of the Central City residents. The very people who championed him are taken aback.

Deathstroke vs. The Jackals


No fighter can possibly be as epic and badass as the freaking Deathstroke!!! He is ruthless and brutal. So when a mercenary group called The Jackals kidnap his only son, Slade Wilson loses his cool. And God forbid if anyone stands in his way. He cuts through the Jackals like a hot knife through butter. As bodies pile up, viewers can’t help but gawk as the one-eyed angel of death dances through the chaos.

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