8 Mind Fucking Things That Marvel Did in The Last 10 Years

Marvel Comics have really gone darker in the last 10 years, some things which the comics have brought to the pages have seriously fucked with the minds of the readers. Here are 8 things that Marvel brought to its pages and was too hard to take for the fans:

Doctor Octopus is Superior Spider-Man

It was the time Otto Octavius controlled the body of Spider-Man and swapped his mind with him to take Peter Parker’s heroic personality and his superhero position. So the wickedness of Octavius went to another level and he decided to alter Spider-Man’s costume by changing its color and characteristics. From logo to everything from the top the bottom, the dress was completely altered. The Superior Spider-Man Suit first appeared in Amazing Spider-Man #700 in 2013.

Captain America is HYDRA

Okay, this sure has to be the most disturbing revelation in the comic books. Not in the Marvel universe or the worst in the last 10 years, but the worst revelation in all by far. Here it was revealed that Captain America has always been a secret agent of HYDRA. Here it is shown that he was born to a Jewish man, and now is the most integral part of the terrorist group. This revelation sure is something due to the reality warping cube, but still fans and the people in the comic universe are infuriated as hell.

Extremis 3.0

Okay, this too has to be one of the most fucked up story lines in the recent years. When Red skull becomes the Red Onslaught, a lot of things changed. Many characters were inverted, Tony Stark is one of them. Here in Stark became an even greater genius, but also became extremely selfish. The dude introduced Extremis 3.0, that came for a high price of 100$. This made people convert into the best versions of themselves. Not just that, Stark also used the water supply to get his nanites into people’s bodies.

Charles’ Brain In Red Skull’s Hands

This arc, the Uncanny Avengers is something in itself. Here in, Red Skull, after the death of professor Charles Xavier gets his brain and uses it while there is the fucked up Red Skull, Onslaught thing going on. Not just that, he also creates his own team, the S-Men. Just imagine the brain of the world’s most powerful mutant in the hands of one of the evilest beings of all time. To face this threat, the Avengers, as well as the X-Men, will have to come together.

Cyclops Kills Professor Charles Xavier

This might be somewhat of an argument, but in the Dark Phoenix saga, when he tries to save his fellow mutants, Cyclops himself gets taken over by the Phoenix force, and under its influence kills Professor X, and gets into numerous fights with his earlier teammates. Not only that, he attacks humans and mutants alike with his new team.

Doctor Doom- God and Infamous Iron Man

Okay, this has to be one of the most mind boggling changes in the recent comics. Here in Doctor Doom, an already powerful supervillain who has his own country becomes a God, creates his own, ‘Battleworld’. Not just that, he also makes Susan Storm his wife in order to humiliate the Fantastic 4. Later he becomes the Infamous Iron Man.

Hulk and Family In Old Man Logan

In “ Old Man Logan” Hulk gang demands money from an area’s residents and kills them if they fail to pay. Wolverine was once targeted to feed hulk with the money, which old Logan was struggling to pay. Hence Hulk threatens his family and sends Wolverine away. Wolverine returns only to find out that his wife and two children have been killed because the gang was getting “bored”.

Civil War 2

Civil War 2, too had a lot of stuff going on in it. Be it Captain Marvel going against Iron Man and falling for Rhodey, or be it Ulysses’ visions. Ulysses’s powers were something that leads to some various terrible events in the Civil War 2 storyline. One of them is a vision showing Miles Morales killing Captain America while one has the Hulk destroying the world, which when is known by Hawkeye he tracks Hulk down and shoots him while he is in his Bruce banner form.

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