7 Mind-Blowing Transformers Stories Ever Published by Marvel

Transformers has offered us a lot of amazing movies and here is a rundown of 7 Best Transformers Stories. These are my personal favorite and I am sure you’ll also agree with most of them.

Last Stand of the Wreckers


Last Stand of the Wreckers takes the ethical high ground the Autobots have and blazes it to the ground. A gathering of D-rundown characters invade Garrus-9, a previous Decepticon jail turned fortress, to acquire something many refer to as Aequitas. Tragically, it’s presently keep running considerably crazed previous detainees drove by Overlord—a neurotic so abhorrent even Megatron needs nothing to do with him—who runs Garrus-9 like Caligula ran Rome.

The characters displayed are to a great extent transcendence seekers and wannabes. They’ve heard the stories of the Wreckers—the stalwart legends that dependably grab triumph from the jaws of thrashing—and they need their own names set apart down next to the best of them all.

Target: 2006


Furman essentially assured continuous readership. Ideally, Target 2006 was supposed to be a filler, but it turned out that it almost surprised everyone by becoming one of the most significantTransformers.

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