Here’s What DCEU’s The Flash Thinks Of The Speed Force

When it comes to the Speed Force, there is no one more attuned to it than Barry Allen. Allen is the only hero who is so connected to it that he becomes a part of the Speed Force. The CW’s The Flash has dealt with the struggles that Barry Allen faces because of its power. But we have yet to see what the DCEU’s Flash will make of it.


Batman v Superman had featured what Barry can do in the time travel episode with Bruce Wayne.  Fans know that Speed Force will be a pivotal part of what makes Barry Allen become The Flash in DCEU. This begs the question of what the force means to the new Flash. Actor Ezra Miller said this:

 “Martha Graham, one of my biggest inspirations, said in a quote, ‘There is a vitality, a life force, a quickening.’ To me, the idea of a quickening, the idea that the whole universe as we know it is essentially this composition of things moving at different speeds is an interesting idea. So the Speed Force being the force in the sense that it’s a dimensional reality that is manipulating others, almost like a gravitational wave will manipulate others. That is what’s interesting for my Barry Allen.”

DCEU The actor also said that his version of Barry Allen will deal with his new connection to the Speed force rather rapidly:

 “And for me what becomes interesting is the human being suddenly coming into contact and rapidly starting to merge with this force, and what that is for a human being.”


The Flash has faced some problems in the production of the film. It lost two directors already even before filming has begun. Miller seems to excited enough to showcase a new side of Barry Allen that we may not yet be aware of. As each actor brings with them their own take on a beloved character, movie audiences witness so auspicious moments that they may not have thought possible for a character. Miller will hopefully bring as much passion to his role as he has for the character itself.

Amy Fanai

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